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Custom Magical Inspiration Orgonite

For those of you who don’t know, I live in a magical land, surrounded by the beauty of nature, which is perched on the top of the hill tops where the trees brush the skyline. I affectionately call my cherished abode, Narnia!

Last year, I received what felt like a Divine Gift ~ I channelled an inspirational card deck using images I had taken around Narnia! At first I thought the deck was just for me, and I held onto it for about 6 months, before I got the clear intuition that I needed to share them with the world! These cards are meant to inspire and remind you of the magic that is inherent in life!

The feedback I have received has been incredible! In fact almost everybody has said to me that these cards have an uncanny way of repeating the same few messages over and over again! I have even found that myself! I believe a Divine Source brings healing through these images, bringing exactly what you need. You can read more about my Magical Inspiration Cards here!

Fast forward to this year and at the beginning of this year I started sharing healing orgonite pyramids on my online wellness shop. I first heard about orgonite pyramids through the Medical Medium! The pyramids I have on my site are made with intention and love. They are not only exquisite to look at, but are also powerful healing tools that help to uplift any space you put them in! They purify any negative vibes into good ones! This may sound far-fetched, but when I received them I was astounded by how I could immediately feel their high vibration! They are the real deal! It has truly been a delight to share these healing tools with you, and before I send them, I fill them with extra loving prayers and healing intentions for the recipient.

Recently I was inspired to combine all of my magical tools into one wondrous

creation that I could share with all of you! In addition to orgonite pyramids & pendants, and my Magical Inspiration Cards, I work with Flower Essences which are yet another form of healing that I use on a daily basis. Flower essences are essentially energy medicine made from the vibration of flowers that can help soothe and heal emotions and accelerate spiritual growth. I decided how incredible if an orgonite pyramids & pendants were created that was inspired by the energy of my Magical Inspiration Cards and contained flower essences from Narnia! My goodness - I could hardly wait to begin the process!

So on a sparkling summer day I walked through Narnia in a state of prayerful intention and picked flowers, and then made a flower essence remedy to be added to my custom Magical Inspiration Pyramids & Pendants!

I am absolutely beyond thrilled to share my Magical Inspiration Orgonite Pyramids & Pendants from Narnia! Currently I have 3 pyramids & 3 Pendants, and each are based on one of my Magical Inspiration Cards! They are filled with healing Flower Essences from Narnia, and the energy of my Magical Inspiration Cards!

Three cards were intutiuvely chosen from my deck to inspire these one of a kind pyramids & pendants!

Click on the links to read all about their magic!

Pure Magic ~ A Custom Orgonite Pyramid from Narnia

Pure Magic ~ A Custom Orgonite Pendant from Narnia

An Evening Wish ~ A Custom Orgonite Pyramid from Narnia

An Evening Wish ~ A Custom Orgonite Pendant from Narnia

Fairy Dust & Lace ~ A Custom Orgonite Pyramid from Narnia

Fairy Dust & Lace ~ A Custom Orgonite Pyramid from Narnia

I only have a very limited amount of each pyramid and pendant!

You can choose

to buy

them with a card deck

or alone! I would highly recommend if you don’t have a card deck to buy a pair as they are energetically linked and are powerful to work with together!

I may continue in the months to come to create a pyramid & pendant for each card in the deck! If you have a card that you would like to see a matching pyramid/pendant for next, please let me know!

Anthony William (the Medical Medium) has said the more orgonite one has in their home the better! I was so glad to hear that, as I love orgonite so much!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and sharing in my love of all that is uplifting and magical!

Sending you all lots of healing magic from Narnia!

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