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Orgonite + 5G

EMFs, (Electro Magnetic Fields) come from so many items that make up modern life such as baby monitors, fitness trackers, TVs, computers, cell phones, wireless headphones, appliances and WiFi, and the more recent roll out of 5G has caused even greater concern.

Orgonite products ultimately transmute negative frequency so they are powerful tools to use if you have concerns about the harmful effects of 5G.

Orgonite devices can best be described as transmitters of universal energy or chi (the force behind all creation) and orgonite has the capacity to transform lower vibrational (negative) energy into higher vibrational (positive) energy. In addition to this, orgonite has been known to have a healing effect in all areas of your life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

By simply holding an orgonite creation or being near one, negative energy will dissipate from your magnetic field, creating a higher, more balanced healthy state. Working with orgonite pieces during meditation or holding a focused intention can help direct this energy towards personal healing and expanded protection.

Anthony William, the Medical Medium first mentioned orgonite in one of his radio

shows a while back as something that could be used to combat the frequency of mold. Since then, he has also mentioned orgonite pyramids can help protect you from radiation falling from the sky and EMFs. He has suggested that having orgonite devices lifts the overall vibration in the atmosphere and it is ideal to have an orgonite pyramid in every room.

Anthony has more recently shared the importance of copper in orgonite pyramids and more specifically having copper from the tip to the base, so every single one of my pyramids are made exactly as he has recommended. I am honored to have been creating Medical Medium inspired orgonite for the community for many years and have received countless testimonials of the effects these sacred pieces have had! I incorporate Anthony’s timeless wisdom and my own healing prayers and energies into every orgone piece I make!

Due to the increase of 5G, I have updated all my products to have my very own intuitively created EMF protection formula that holds a combination of some of the most effective EMF protection stones available, such as Elite Shungite and Black Tourmaline.

Here are my top 3 Orgonite Products for combating 5G:

Orgonite Pyramids - Anthony has always said the pyramid shape is the most potent. You do not need one in every room right away, you can collect them over time. A simple suggestion is to keep them where you spend the most time. For instance if you are in your home office during the day keep your pyramid near you and then bring it to your bedside for when you sleep! The larger the size the larger the area it will provide protection for.

Orgonite Pendants - Wearing a pendant is a great way to keep your energy field protected. Choose a piece that resonates with you and wear it daily or keep a mini pyramid in your pocket if you do not like to wear jewelry.

Cell Phone Puck/Laptop Plate - Because cell phones and other wireless devices such as tablets and laptop emit a lot of EMFs I suggest sticking a cell phone puck or laptop plate to your most frequently used devices.

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