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Testing Orgonite Creations and EMF Detectors

What is the best way for testing Orgone Products and see if they are actually harmonizing and neutralizing the harmful energies?

Many ask about the devices that can read or measure electromagnetic radiation (EMR), electromagnetic fields (EMF) and other harmful energy. Unfortunately, there are neither any effective EMF Detectors nor EMR Meters that do more than just test EMF or EMR, and there is not any device available that can test and read ALL forms of harmful energy. There are some devices on the market, but they only read very limited range energies such as only EMF and or only Radio Frequencies (RF). After these are only two types of harmful energy that affects us and there are many other forms of them. How do you test Orgonite?

Testing Orgone products is best done through Kinesiology (Biofeedback), Chinese Medicine Pulse Points, Medical Biofeedback machines (that doctors or naturopaths may have) with Divining or Dowsing, Pendulum, with a Heart Rate Monitor or by simply taking your Resting pulse reading before you place your Orgone Products and then after you have placed them.

Harmful Energy When Harmonized Does Not Vanish One thing to note is that harmful energy does not just disappear and go away once you put Orgone Energy products in place. They harmonize and neutralize the effects of harmful energy removing the stress from you! You will find that once you place your Orgone Products around your home, office and/or workplace, and in your vehicle that harmful energies, radiation, and electromagnetic fields will still show when tested, as they are still there. However, they will NO longer be affecting you!

*thanks to orgone energy .org for contributing some of this info!

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