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About Kat


"One of my core aims in life is to be the best expression of myself that I can be and to do so shamelessly! When we let our true selves shine forth for the entire world to see, that is when true joy is felt and authentic magic takes place. I feel the biggest contribution we can give to this world, is to have the courage to be fearlessly ourselves and live our lives purposefully, with love and kindness." 

Kat WB

The Beginning

From a very early age, Kat found her passion for the healing arts. During adolescence she developed her awareness of her intuitive gifts and started to study and explore a diverse range of holistic health and healing modalities. Kat soon recognized that her purpose was in helping others and found the most fulfilling way to share her highly intuitive and empathetic gifts was through a specialized and unique combination of wellness offerings.



After attending Lancaster University in England, Kat returned to the USA and received her holistic certification from the Northwestern Center for Holistic Studies at Northwest CT Community College. This comprehensive three year training provided her with the qualifications to professionally see clients and gave her the credentials to teach. Upon completion she became a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. This course was life transforming and therefore she could not wait to share her knowledge with others!

Holistic Healing Centers

Kat then took the ambitious step of co-founding the holistic center Soleil Healing & Arts and after one year expanded to a second location. During her years of co-owning these centers, Kat in addition to managing an extensive team of holistic practitioners and facilitators, supported many clients with Holistic Wellness SessionsThrough these sessions she has helped facilitate relief from anxiety, depression, grief and assisted clients in defining their life paths with confidence and excitement. She also provided lectures and numerous creative workshops and classes. Additionally, during this time Kat became a certified Medicinal Aromatherapist through Wisdom of the Earth, and her findings on the essential oil Cistus is featured in their beautiful book Voices of Light, Voices of Love
Kat also has trained extensively in Flower Essence Therapy, which is a modality she has studied and used since adolescence and is a central part of her current practice. is Established

After many fruitful years managing Soleil Healing & Arts, Kat desired to reach a broader audience so she decided to trade her physical locations for a virtual presence! Kat then established in 2013, and has continued to provide Holistic Wellness Sessions and classes virtually for clients throughout the USA and internationally! Kat also offers her services locally through The Spa at Litchfield Hills in Litchfield CT. 
Kat has now been actively helping clients achieve wellness for 20 years!

Healthy Living

Kat is very passionate about clean, green living and has extensively studied food and nutrition. In addition to years of continued self-study and practice, Kat has completed and received three university certificates for courses on Child Nutrition, Nutrition Health & Lifestyle and Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Kat enjoys consuming unprocessed and organic whole foods to promote health and well-being. Furthermore she tries to live in harmony with the environment as much as possible, using only non-toxic household and personal care products.
In 2016 Kat had an opportunity to work alongside one of Anthony William's recommended practitioners and during this time learned about orgone energy devices. She could not find any pieces that resonated with her, so she was inspired to create her own. With Kat's intuitive gifts and deep understanding of crystals and energetics she was able to create high quality offerings that soon became widely sought after.
She continues to provide these one of a kind sacred creations to a worldwide customer base, and has accrued thousands of testimonials over the past almost decade! 
Kat has been an avid student of homeopathy ever since she experienced a healing miracle in 2013. Using homeopathy she cured what was considered to be an incurable disease. Kat was working with highly respected doctors at the time who medically verified that a full healing had transpired. Since then, Kat began her formal homeopathic training in England and had the privilege of studying in-person under many incredible leaders in the homeopathic community.
Kat's studies have since continued and she has received a diverse training from many respected homeopaths and has been awarded multiple certificates of completion. She is currently enrolled in two other pioneering courses learning some new leading edge homeopathic methodology. 
Expanding Horizons with Online Courses
In response to the growing demand for accessible holistic education, Kat is thrilled to soon unveil a new series of online courses. These offerings are meticulously designed to extend her wealth of knowledge in holistic wellness, flower essences, homeopathy, and intuitive support to a wider audience. With her characteristic passion and dedication, Kat's courses aim to empower individuals with the insights and tools necessary for their personal wellness journey. By integrating her extensive experience and deep understanding of holistic practices, Kat seeks to inspire, educate, and support learners worldwide in their quest for holistic health and self-discovery.


Kat’s goal is to continue to pursue her passions with the intent of helping, supporting and inspiring others on their journey. Her personal mantra is to be the best expression of herself she can be; she aspires to live her life to the absolute fullest with faith, kindness, compassion, creativity, joy, love, laughter, and of course sparkles and magic!
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