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Card Readings 

What is an Intuitive Card Reading? 

An Intuitive Card Reading is a nurturing and healing session.   

Before your session begins, inspirational cards are chosen in a meditative state and will be shared with you during your personalized reading. A photograph of the cards chosen will also be emailed to you after your appointment.


Each session is held in a sacred space, and prior to commencement, loving and prayerful intentions are set for the client to receive exactly what they need to feel supported on every level.  


This session aims to bring a deep sense of emotional and spiritual support. Kat's hope is that you will feel seen, heard and loved.


Trust that the divine guidance that comes through is for your most highest good.

Kat uses a variety of inspirational cards in her readings, including her own deck, Magical Inspiration Cards.

Magical Inspiration Cards
Magical Inspiration Cards

This Session includes:

*Personalized Card Reading

*Photograph of Your Reading Emailed to You.

*Emotional/Spiritual Intuitive Support

*Uplifting, Loving & Supportive Energy

Consultation Details 
Choose between 30 or 60 minute phone sessions.
Consultation Policies
"I couldn’t have been given a more wonderful healer than Kat! She has sparked a passion for Divine Love in me that I never knew existed. She has taught me how to pray
and is a divine channel!"
~ Kristina B.
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