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Intuitive Emotional Support 

What Do You Need?

Do you feel you need a safe and sacred space to discuss issues in your life you may be concerned about? Or do you need someone to help monitor and help focus you towards your goals? Are you a holistic health practitioner or have a profession where you are providing support for others and at times feel overburdened, and need guidance?  Try an Intuitive Emotional Support consultation with Kat!

Intuitive Emotional Support Consultation 

In Kat’s many years of facilitating her holistic practice, she has recognized the simple yet essential need for people just to be listened to. Many clients find immense relief just being able to speak to a loving, non-judgmental, empathic ear. Kat believes by being truly present and listening intently that healing can take place for anyone. Both professionally and personally she has helped many people through challenging times through listening to them with her full attention. She gives honest and intuitive feedback and sets strong intentions before working with anyone to be a clear channel for transformation to take place.
Kat also uses her intuitive gifts to help guide and navigate the client with clarity to the solutions they are looking for. Sometimes if Kat feels called she will pull some cards during the session for added guidance.
comforting tea
Please know that for every session Kat creates a sacred and healing space. Her intention is to always be conduit for the Divine to work through her for your absolutest highest good and healing
These sessions are kept strictly confidential and the client can either discuss personal challenges, or can focus on goal setting, or re-training their thoughts to help attain more affirmative thinking.
*Please note that Kat has extensive certification to practice Holistic Support Services, but is not a licensed counselor.
Consult Details 
Choose from 90, 60 or 30 minute phone sessions.
Package pricing is also available! 
Pricing/Online Booking
Consultation Policies
Sliding Scale pricing is offered if needed!

inspirational hummingbird
I highly recommend experiencing Kat’s truly wondrous gift of love and light that she so generously offers.  Kat’s ability to hold sacred space to facilitate transformational healing is quite extraordinary. You must experience it for yourself!
~ David R.
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