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Flower Essence Consultations 

What is a Flower Essence Consult?
A Flower Essence consult is a gentle and comforting experience where Kat will help you with any emotional, mental or spiritual issues you may be confronting. If you share a few details prior to your appointment of why you would like a Flower Essence tincture, Kat will spend some time in prayer and meditation and will intuitively choose a selection of flower remedies that may be right for you.
Through intuitive guidance and emotional support, Kat creates a safe and non-judgmental space to share whatever you need to discuss or explore.  She may ask a series of questions to pinpoint what you need the most in this moment to help her to perfect your remedy! Kat will then create a custom Flower Essence tincture for your specific needs with healing intentions and love. She also includes a write up of what is in your tincture. 
The price of a session includes a custom remedy. If after receiving a consult, you just want a refill of the same remedy, Kat will happily invoice you just for a remedy without a consultation.
Please know that for every session Kat creates a sacred and healing space. Her prayer and intention is to always be conduit for God & the Divine to work through her for your absolutest Highest Good and Healing! 
Flower Essences
custom flower essence

What Are Flower Essence Tinctures?

Flower Essence Tinctures are a beautiful addition to Kat’s Wellness practice and she is humbled to work with such delicate yet powerful remedies!
Flower Essences are the energetic imprint of a flower's "essence" which is extracted into water using a gentle sun infusion. These essences do not acquire taste or aroma from the flower itself, but contain its healing and supportive synergistic and highly energetic components.
The flower essences help to balance out energetic imbalances and is akin to receiving an energy healing. It works on a subtle, but deep level helping to heal mental and emotional patterns that are not serving you! They also enhance spiritual growth and awareness. They are truly magical assistants for your healing journey!
Kat has used Flower Essences for most of her life, and has studied in-depth many Flower Remedies founded and continues to learn!



What’s in a Custom Flower Essence Tincture?

Currently Kat has hundreds of Flower remedies on hand in her healing studio, in addition to the five flower remedy also known as “Rescue Remedy.” She creates flower remedies either preserved with the traditional organic grape brandy or a non-alcoholic version preserved with high quality vegetable glycerin (non-GMO, no canola oil, no rapeseed oil). The non-alcoholic remedies are also suitable for small children and pets. Kat usually works with the vegetable based (non-alcoholic) stock set, but please indicate your preference during your consultation, if you have one.

Kat then creates custom flower essence tinctures by intuitively choosing which flower essences would be of best assistance for whatever the client needs at the time. She then creates a tincture of fresh Berkey filtered spring water, between 1 & 5 flower remedies and organic coconut glycerin to preserve. The tinctures come in a cobalt blue or amber 1 oz glass bottle with a glass dropper inside. A custom Flower Essence tincture lasts approximately 2-4 weeks when used regularly.
Kat crafts her flower essences in an atmosphere of sacred intention, understanding deeply the importance of the environment and mindset in their creation. Each essence begins with a clear, healing intention, setting the stage for a process that transcends the physical. Surrounded by the natural beauty that inspires her work, she infuses every drop with heartfelt prayers, believing firmly that the energy and thoughts put into the essences are as crucial as the ingredients themselves. This meticulous attention to the spiritual and emotional atmosphere during their creation ensures that each flower essence is not just a product, but a personal blessing, designed to bring healing and harmony to those who use them.
flower essence tincture
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flower essence consultation

Are There Side Effects?

These remedies are gentle and non-invasive and can be used on anybody without side effects. They work on an energetic level to help improve mood and overall well-being. Kat also blesses them with energy work and loving intentions to make them extra potent!
It is advised to keep note of how you feel while taking your tincture, it is amazing how many subtle shifts can take place and it is good to keep a record to help recognize the positive changes in well-being!

How Often Do I Take My Custom Tincture?

As a general guideline it is recommended you take 4 drops four times a day. However you can also take as often as needed, let your intuition be your  guide, you can't take too much of these gentle remedies.
You can take your drops directly in the mouth, or your daily drops can also can be added to your water bottle and can be sipped throughout the day. You can even add them to your hot beverage (they won't get damaged) or put in your skin lotion or in a bath! You will still receive their benefits! 
*Each tincture comes with a small write up of which flower essences were chosen and why.
Established Clients
If you are an established client of Kat and would simply like a refill of a custom remedy, please email Kat and she will send you a refill remedy.
Consult Details
Choose from a 30 or 60 minute phone consultation. All sessions include a custom remedy tincture.
Consultation Policies
I knew within minutes of meeting Kat that she was a gifted healer -
genuine, compassionate and a true channel for beautiful, healing energy.
My experiences with Kat over the months (and years) to follow, confirmed that initial feeling; whether it was working one-on-one, or holding the space for a group, I saw that Kat helped to bring out the light and the joy in people's eyes. I realized that you can't help but smile and laugh when you are in Kat's presence for even a few minutes! 
~ Jess S.
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