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Discover the Art of Intuitive Wellness: Over 20 Years of Magic with Kat's Sessions, Courses, and Handcrafted Creations.

Welcome to my site!

I am so happy you are here! 

The intention of my site is to promote

holistic wellness and to also inspire you

with all that is magical!

Warm Wishes,
Kat WB

Welcome to my special healing site!

For over two decades, I've journeyed with countless souls as a full-time intuitive health practitioner, dedicating my life to the art of healing and the magic of transformation. It brings me immense joy that you landed here! 

My mission is to inspire wellness and  harmony within and around you!  One of the offerings you will find is my handmade orgonite protection crystals, which have been cherished worldwide for nearly a decade! These treasures are designed to purify and protect your space, creating a sanctuary where you can thrive. Also my adoration of flower essence healing has inspired me to create a flower essence dispensary,  where each essence is lovingly prepared by hand to nurture your wellbeing at every level.

Though my practice is bustling and there's currently a waitlist for one-on-one sessions, the anticipation builds for my upcoming courses designed to bring this magic directly into your hands. These offerings are a testament to a 20-year journey in fostering holistic wellness and intuitive guidance.

I invite you to peruse the site and please sign up for my mailing list so you can stay tuned for new offerings! 

Warm Wishes and lots of sparkles,



"As a healer myself, I felt as though I needed to work with someone to help me feel more supported and to take me to new levels of self-awareness. Kat exceeded all my expectations, her warm, loving and accepting nature had me instantaneously feeling at home. Then the life changing energy that she brings to our sessions, has been nothing short of miraculous! I feel stronger, and more divinely

guided than ever.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this as I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Whether you are a healer, or someone who needs some extra support, don't even hesitate to work with Kat, I promise you, you will never regret it!

 I cannot recommend her enough!"

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