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Energy Therapy 

What Do You Feel You Need?

Do you feel ‘off’, ‘zapped’ or just can’t quite put into words what you need? Or maybe you feel you need to just unwind and come back in to yourself? Perhaps you are feeling grief, sadness, anxiety and don’t know how to express it or feel better?

For years Kat has combined some therapeutic discussion with energy work in her Energy Therapy sessions. However, she has found through experience that some people prefer just energy work.
This session is offered over the phone, so please have a comfortable place to sit or lie down where you won't be disturbed. 
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Relaxing Energy Therapy?

Energy Therapy is a wonderful avenue to self-growth, health and overall well-being. This is a full spectrum approach which calms and focuses the mind, strengthens and heals the body and fully awakens your spirit.
Through an Energy Therapy session, Kat will help lead you back to your whole and powerful self!
In every session Kat provides a safe and sacred space to help the recipient to open up to their intuition and inner truth. Her aim is to lovingly assist the client into a deep relaxed state, and then gently lead them to feel their inner world. She then holds the intention and prayer to to always be conduit for God & the Divine to work through her for your absolutest Highest Good and healing! Kat also intends to bring awareness to any deep-seated beliefs held in the mind/energy field that could be holding the client back from living their full potential.
Through prayer, energy work, guided visualization, intention and affirmations, Kat will take you on a journey of profound inner self-reflection and exploration where healing on the deepest sub-conscious level can take place.



What to Expect:

*The session begins with an intuitive card reading followed by a short discussion to identify the client’s intention.
*The client for receiving a distance healing over the phone, will be asked to sit or lie in a comfortable position where they will not be disturbed.
*The session ends with a brief discussion of their experience.

Some Benefits of  Energy Healing Sessions:

*Gives a sense of support and well-being
*Aids in relieving anxiety and depression
*Helps accelerate the body’s self-healing abilities
*Empowers you to take a proactive approach to your health and well-being
*Helps you to clarify and set attainable goals and intents to help reach your highest potential
*Breaks limiting patterns that are impeding personal or professional growth and transformation.
Consultation Details 
Either 30 or 60 minute phone sessions are available.
Pricing/Online Booking
Consultation Policies
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"I trust every person who comes to me can bring their self-growth and awareness to a new level. By deeply re-connecting with their heart and intuition every individual can become a fully empowered and awakened expression of themselves."

NEW! Distance Sessions Are Available! 
This is a NEW service Kat is now offering due to client request! These are 30 minute sessions where there is no communication via phone or email, instead Kat will sit in meditation and prayer during the allotted time sending healing intentions for the recipient.
This time can be for yourself or a loved one. If  the session is for a loved one please just ask their permission before booking the appointment.
The recipient does not need to do anything during the time of the session. They can continue with their day as planned or if they choose they can put some time aside to relax and receive. Either way the recipient will receive the benefits.
*These are pre-paid session and are currently being offered at an introductory rate. 
Pricing/Online Booking


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