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I am deeply grateful that I have been able to hold a healing space for so many beautiful souls over the past 20 years! Whether through one on one consultations, group workshops, or programs I have facilitated,  I am beyond blessed to be able to offer my life's work and passion!

As a healer myself, I felt as though I needed to work with someone to help me feel more supported and to take me to new levels of self-awareness. Kat exceeded all my expectations, her warm, loving and accepting nature had me instantaneously feeling at home. Then the life changing energy that she brings to our sessions, has been nothing short of miraculous!

I feel stronger, and more divinely guided than ever.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this as I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Whether you are a healer, or someone who needs some extra support, don't even hesitate to work with Kat, I promise you, you will never regret it!

 I cannot recommend her enough!




Kat's intuition is spot on! She quickly and gently gets right to point in a safe way. I felt so supported throughout the process. I know I'm in for healing on a new and deeper level than I've ever experienced before! Thanks so much for being you and doing this important work! 
~ Deanna L.


I have had THE most magical morning thanks to my session with Kat.  Her beautiful gift is nothing short of amazing! Speaking with her had me feeling like I was talking to an old friend. Kat is so thorough, insightful and encouraging. Our conversation left me feeling open, loved, hopeful and full of inspiration!  I'm so thankful I felt guided to connect with her. And I am truly blessed to have her as part of my Divine healing team!
 ~ Gabbi Z.
Wow! Wow! Wow! That pretty much sums up my sessions with Kat! Incredibly intuitive, a great sense of humor, and a whole lot of compassion! Can't say enough! 
Kat is amazing and such a blessing! Since our first call together there was an instant connection-like we've known each other for years! She has helped me to fully step in to and claim my healing gifts and the messages that are being relayed have been the sweetest and so spot on. I'm so thankful for her intuitive gifts and our new growing friendship!
~Terry G.


Kat is an amazing healer with a truly special gift! I have received numerous healings from Kat and she has helped me move through many roadblocks in my life. Her compassion, intuition and connection to nature allows her to deeply heal others in a unique way.
 ~ Jenna S.


I highly recommend experiencing Kat’s truly wondrous gift of love and light that she so generously offers.  Kat’s ability to hold sacred space to facilitate transformational healing is quite extraordinary. You must experience it for yourself!
~ David R.


I have worked with Kat for many years. I started working with her when I knew I needed to make changes in my life and wasn’t sure where to start – I credit her with helping to point me down a positive path and ways to maintain a positive way of living.  She listens without judgement and immediately puts you at ease so you know you’re in a safe space. Her gifts are genuine and you get “whatever you need” out of each time you meet.
~ Sarah M.


 I knew within minutes of meeting Kat that she was a gifted healer - genuine, compassionate, and a true channel for beautiful, healing energy.
My experiences with Kat over the months (and years) to follow, confirmed that initial feeling; whether it was working one-on-one, or holding the space for a group, I saw that Kat helped to bring out the light and the joy in people's eyes. I realized that you can't help but smile and laugh when you are in Kat's presence for even a few minutes!
~ Jess S.


I couldn’t have been given a more wonderful healer than Kat! She has sparked a passion for Divine Love in me that I never knew existed. She has taught me how to pray and is a divine channel!
~ Kristina B.
I have been so blessed to have Kat work with me on our phone consultations. She has a beautiful personality and amazing knowledge.  She is a very gifted and blessed healer and I thank God for leading me to her. Kat's support has helped me heal on an physical, emotional and spiritual level. Her Heavenly Flower Essences and Magical Inspirational Cards helped
reconnect me to my inner Peace and Joy.
Love & Gratitude,
~ Sue H.

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you and how blessed I feel that

my mother and I found you.

Now because of you I can move forward confidently and completely have faith that everything is going to be okay and that there is light for my mom and I at the end of this mission (I am so blessed to have an angel for a mother). We both have been waiting it feels forever for some guidance and support from someone out there. You and Carolyn and the staff at Primrose Cottage are such wonderful people and finally have helped my mom and I move forward and make a shift in our lives.

Thank you so much for being you are such a beautiful soul! 

Christy M. 


Meeting you that day was like a homecoming; it felt like a warm fire on a cold winters day. The laughter and love coming through your voice and the cards was such a healing experience for me. I had such a great time...our laughter stayed with me through out the day. The information you shared with me from your card reading was a precious that has been needed so badly.
You are truly a gifted and caring intuitive person.
~Jenny M. 

Kat is simply incredibly gifted. Her energy is light-filled exuberance and I'm always left smiling, at peace,  feeling like I can handle any challenge on my plate. Whether it's health issues or relationship and family stuff, she is so gentle and compassionate while helping you dig deep into the heart of everything to see the truth.  And once you hit the truth you are golden!!!  It's uncanny. She is just remarkable!

Thank you so much!!!

~Lauren R.
Kat is an emotional intuitive organizer. If the nights stars were your rambling thoughts, feelings, ideas and desires scattered about, then Kat is the divine hand drawing the lines between them, connecting the dots to reveal to you your unique, (((divine)))  constellation - of that which is you!
I can't express enough how much she has helped and guided me on my ever changing path.
She is such a bright light of divine love and pure Magic! 
~Jess R.

please go to sleep tonight knowing you have a PROFOUND impact in peoples lives

i have thought about your words- it feels like at least 1 million 1 thousand

and thirty three trillion times since we talked

they play in my mind like a song and pull me higher

to the highest version of who i am

then that affects others

then that affects the a beautiful glorious song like expression of the highest resonance

please go to sleep knowing so many are guided and grateful for you....

your courage, your bravery, your truth, your vision, your light

bless you sweet earth angel.


 I feel like I need to share my experience with Kat. I had several very specific intentions I had going into our session and not only did she help me feel heard and deeply valued, she then spontaneously decided to put my situations in prayer. Wow. In the moment I was so moved by her genuine care, the love that poured out of her, and then my life shifted. Seriously, it was as though that day triggered so many positive changes in my life. If people realize the magic of her sessions, I am sure she would be booked until forever! Seriously! I was so blown away by the changes in my life, I emailed her the updates and she humbly said it was God's work, but I am here to tell you that Kat is pure magic. If you are lucky enough to find her, keep her as your guide, as she will never lead you astray. As a busy businesswoman, I am proud to share I rely on Kat's wisdom and guidance often! Thank you Kat now and always you are a rare gem. 


I stopped tonight and thought about you in my head full of images and realized you were this delicate strong flower in my back pocket all day. I had a moment with thinking of you as a flower and that I didn’t think that a flower was strong enough for what happened today until I realized you weren’t just any flower you were a special flower, a detailed flower, a childhood flower, and last but not least you were the strongest flower I knew of. You were a dandelion flower! Thank you for being my dandelion. We’re all dandelions in the Medical Medium world right now. Delicate but strong. Nothing can kill us. 

~Roslyn M. 

My life has been changed by Kat. Her constant love, support and spot-on intuitive guidance has been so needed in my life. Everyone needs support and Kat provides that better than anyone I have ever encountered. I have worked with many wellness practitioners/teachers/facilitators and no one comes close to what she provides for me. Kat has a subtle, and delicate way of keeping you on track and helping you feel heard. It could be easy to almost not recognize the magnitude of what she is doing, because she does it in such a friendly and effortless way, but I have spent many moments reflecting on what she has done and I see there is a LOT in every session that comes to fruition almost like magic.  I have told her many times that once she becomes booked years in advance (because trust me she is that good) that I need to basically book with her for the rest of my life! It is one of our running jokes, but it really is a testimony to how amazing she is.

Beyond grateful. 

~Clara S.
My guiding light, thank you for doing this life-changing work, the world needs you. 

Stephanie R. 

More Testimonials:

"I've been working with Kat for two and a half years and she is by far the best practitioner I have ever worked with. She is professional and truly caring. 
She is competent and also hilarious. You really do feel like someone completely gets you and you don't have to wear any sort of mask for her and around her. She has got your back and will reflect you back to yourself accurately. I highly recommend working with her."


~ Emily B

"Kat is amazing! I love working with her. I’ve learned to trust my instincts and feel confident moving forward. She is compassionate, encouraging, a good listener, intuitive and accepts who I am. I’m also so thankful that she introduced me to homeopathy! My life is forever changed for the better! Thank you Kat!!"

~Sarah D

"I have been working with Kat for years now and no matter what I throw at Kat during any particular session, her care, her responses and her support have never let me down. She is nothing short of absolutely amazing. She is also knowledgeable in a lot of therapies, practices, modalities and healings - an excellent background."


Emotional Support Coaching:

"You have come home when you are heard and supported by Kat in her Emotional Support Sessions. I could not do this thing called life without the sacred space that she creates every time we meet."

~Deborah P.

"Kat's healing support is life changing. I've been talking with Kat for more than five years and am always excited for our sessions. I feel supported, encouraged, comforted, seen, and heard during our time together. Kat's healing gifts brings about deep physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for which I'm incredibly grateful."

~Tricia E.

"Kat is amazing! There are no words to explain the depth of healing that occurs with each call! She genuinely cares and truly understands each situation I speak with her about. Sometimes healing just comes from bring understood. Thank you Kat! And thank you to Elizabeth who facilitates the calls and makes it happen!"

~Julie M


"Kat is an orgonite artist. Not only are her orgonites beautiful to look at, but their energy also infuses lightness, angelic protection, and peace while simultaneously grounding the energy in whatever space you put them in."


~Tricia E.

"Your orgonite pieces are so beautiful, they shine with light and majesty from the divine.  A true artist, and skilled craftsman, the pieces timelessly reflect a precious caring and heavenly love."

~ Joshua


"Kat’s amazing orgonite treasures are the results of her intuitive talent and loving heart. I am blessed to have a collection of such beauties in my home."


~ Customer

Flower Remedies:


"Kat’s flower remedies are a divine gift. Kat’s flower remedies have been exquisitely created to be tailored to my own body and soul’s needs. Her powerful flower remedies have facilitated healing of deep emotional wounds that I didn’t even know I had."


~ Client

"Thanks for your email! I would want to say that since I've been using Kats bespoke flower remedy I've noticed a huge shift in my mood and anxiety levels! They really have been a game changer for me and my husband has started taking them too!! We both are converts to flower power and we are both so grateful to Kat for having introduced us to them and also for her expertise in intuiting what I needed. She really is something else!!"

~ Client

"I only buy flower essences from Kat. Her custom blends are the best. I know without a doubt that she handcrafts each and every one of them with love. You can't find that anywhere else. I also love the other
blends she carries. I've been using them for a long time. It's time to

~Deann L.

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