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Orgonite Testimonials 

I have been creating sacred healing jewelry for over 20 years and have applied my intuitive abilities to handcrafting orgonite for over 7 years! It has been such a deep honor to create these healing and protective devices for so many beautiful souls all over the world! I have received hundreds of amazing testimonials over the years, and I am sharing a glimpse of a few here!


I have been ordering Kat's pieces for years, I don't buy from anyone else, her work is unparalleled. 

Each of the 5 pyramids I ordered was made very carefully & artistically. The colors of the
different materials used combine very harmoniously together and even shine in the light. These
pyramids are mesmerizing to watch. Each pyramid (whether medium-size or small) comes with a
copper rod in the center (from bottom to top), helping to transmute the energy better. They look
sweet, lovely, high quality and very calming.

Fantastic!!!!! This is incredible. I got it today and my head pain was gone for several days! My
blood pressure is normal. I am happy that I received this pyramid, the magical property is
already working. I also received a second one for my sister-in-law! Thank you very much Kat for
the good work.I will order more!

This was so beautiful. I love it. It came very quickly and was lovingly packaged. I could feel the
good vibes all over this item

Thank you Kat for the beautiful Orgonite. The order and delivery process where flawless and
everything was packed thoughtfully and with lots of love. Thank you for the nice note and
additional info.

This is such a beautiful orgonite. I am so happy I purchased it. I love the different materials and
the blessings sent along with them. The way they blend together in some layers and then layer
cleanly in others is really magical. It has so much depth and dimension at towards the apex. It’s
just stunning to gaze at.

The pendant is beautiful and the energy is soothing and protecting. It really helps to connect
with meditation and vivid dreams. It has a powerful energy and I feel it protects good from EMF

Kats orgonite stands out amongst the others I've seen. I cant wait to collect more.

This shop owner is a dream to work with!

Hey Katwb444!! Your mini orgonite pyramid may be mini in nature but is massive in its
power! Unbelievable how much pure healing energy is built in! I carry it everywhere I go and
they really do protect me. I’m blown away!

 Kat, the NEW EARTH pyramid is Incredible! Ive never bought orgonite before but it was
worth every cent!! My cat immediately noticed the difference in the room and went over to
it and spent the afternoon curled around it It’s that magical!!

Are you kidding me? My headaches have now completely gone! I work from home and the
ANGEL OF PEACE you crafted for me has revolutionised my working space. It’s as if I have a
radio beacon beaming straight into my office direct from Narnia.

 Kat, the pendant has exceeded my expectations. The protection and the power are real!
I’m actually shocked because as I’m a psychic intuitive I can feel the pure love with
which you made this. It’s not often you see this. I see you girl!

My headaches have gone since my custom piece arrived. It sits in the middle of my lounge
and it has transformed the energy field in my home. Wow!! I love the love in this,It’s

 Kat I want more!! My SOULS GOLD is awesome!! I actually three away my other orgonite as I
realised it was affecting me negatively. Your talent is extraordinary. This is the real deal.
I’m amazed by the quality and power in your work.

 Kat your pendant came and it’s so beautiful. I wear it everyday and I can feel it working!!
How beautiful. Thankyou so much!!

Once you’ve seen the magic of orgonite and especially yours...You can’t get enough of it.
Thanks Kat yet again for another premium piece.  It’s really stunning and it’s always better
than I imagine! How do you do it?

 I love my charging plate!! Everything goes on there and it’s a beautiful piece of art that
actually works!! So magical!!! Thankyou so much!! Package arrived on time and I loved the
prayers!! Thankyou!! Xoxox 

 I now have a piece of Narnia in my house! It’s amazing how quickly I felt a shift. This is such a
simple but effective way to protect your home and those who we love! Wish I had done this
year’s ago!! Great product and I am definitely going to get pendants for all my fam.
op cover and keeps the bad stuff away from me. Great quality and delivery. Thanks once again



 Greetings to Narnia! Just wanted to drop a saying how impressed I am with my pocket
pyramid!It fits snugly in my pocket and it packs a punch. I hardly notice it’s there but I’m
super glad it is. Thanks for the swift delivery.

 Hi Kat, Thanks for the super cool Orgonite Protection sticker!! It looks really neat on my
laptop cover and keeps the bad stuff away from me! Great quality and delivery. Thanks
once again.

 When I asked you to create my orgonite dream into reality it was a leap in the dark because
even I wasn’t sure how it would come out!! But Kat you have completely outdone my
expectations. The large size is perfect and everyone comments on it without fail when they
see it!!! It’s a work of art and I shall treasure it for the rest of my life. With love and thanks
for a job superbly done.

 Kat the wand you sent me is INCREDIBLE! I love these colours and it’s different everytime
you look at it. I call it my miracle wand...and it is!! 

 Hey Kat you nailed my custom pendant!! My grandkids are in love with them and they refuse
to take the pendants off!! These are great aren’t they? Love your work.  We all love it!

 You do Orgonite properly. Plenty of stones and loads of copper plus the rod. Nice one
dude...nailed it.

 My Angel of Sleep sleeps with me and provides a calming presence and aura of restfulness in
my bedroom. Thankyou for creating an Orgonite piece that so beautifully displays my
favourite colour!!

 I wear my pendant whenever I go! Thanks Kat, it’s awesome! Thanks for fixing the problem
with the chord so promptly. Your customer service is premium.

Wow!! I’m blown away by the magnificent custom pyramid you sent me!!! It’s way better
than I ever imagined and i can’t stop looking at it!! I’m so in love!! Amazing work!!

 Kat just wanted to let you know my kids love their pendants and they won’t take them off!!
Thanks so much for doing the custom order and for intuiting a design for them both! So
unique and very special...

This is my favourite place to get Orgonite! It’s so sparkly and magical! Kat you really created
a beautiful protection sticker for my gets alot of comments from my coworkers!
They all want one now.

 My bauble arrived!! Thanks for creating this mini gem!! It’s very elegant and my husband
loves it on me...It’s literally perfect!!

 So mystical and magical!! My pieces are now sitting on my mantelpiece and I can already
feel the shift in my energy space!! I bought these to tackle mold in my house and they are
already working. What an incredible product!!

So glad I bought from you and not one of the cheapest on Amazon! What a difference!!
Quality quality quality!!! You made my day!!!

 My pyramid arrived and it’s literally stunning!! Kat how do you do it!?? It’s breathtaking and
my absolute favourite stone amethyst is displayed so eye catchingly within the piece!! I am
so happy with it!! Thankyou!!!

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