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Common FAQs About Orgonite

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

I wrote some answers to some frequently asked questions I receive about orgonite!

How do I charge my orgonite?

Orgonites are actually self-charging, however as an intuitive I can feel they love it when I put them in the sunlight or outside on the ground for a bit! Plus orgonite love to be around other orgonite, so when you put them together they seem to build up their energy! I wrote a blog about charging your orgonite pieces here, which I hope you will find helpful:

What is a an orgonite charging plate used for?

Orgone charging plates have two functions. One of the functions is it acts as an orgonite that protects against EMF radiation. The other action is it acts as a base on which to place a glass of water. The water on this charging plate comes to life. The base energizes the water, giving it energy, making it livelier, making it softer and without toxin.

The orgonite charging plate can also be used to energize food, vegetables, fruits, supplements. It can also be used for cleansing stones, crystals, crystal jewelry!

Orgonite loves being on or near other pieces of orgonite so a charging plate is a wonderful way to add extra potent energy to your orgonite pieces! You also can add a beautiful vibration to non-orgonite jewelry or anything that you decide to put on it! Add it to your altar to bring a soothing and magical energy! Or put flower essences or anything on top to give it an extra boost of healing vibrations! 

Click here to see what orgonite plates are currently in stock:

What about orgonites for children?

Kids love orgonite and a pendant is a wonderful way for them to have protection while they are in school! I also have created Pocket Protection Pyramids that can be kept in their backpack or be worn wear as a pendant.  

I do create custom pieces, recently I have made quite a few custom pendants for kids going  back to school!

Click here to check out the pendants/pocket pyramids:

Pocket Pyramids/Pendants:

Or email my office for a custom order:

How do I choose an orgonite?

I feel orgonites are predestined to their owners, so when you see a piece that is right for you, you will just know. If you are having trouble choosing one, quiet your mind and ask your heart to lead you, it will bring you to the one you need. Don’t worry about the stones that are in it, more follow the one you feel drawn to  - the colors the shape. The one you need will have a way of calling to you! :)

It is very important not only who creates the orgonite but how they are created! A healing, sacred space adds to the vibration of the final piece! From conception to creation every one of my orgonite pieces are created with pure, loving intent.

How do orgonites work? What is the difference between crystals + orgonites?

Orgone energy is basically another word for chi or simply life force energy. Orgonite is created by layering organic and inorganic materials that are able to harness this vital life force energy and amplify it so you can actually feel a vibration or simply a sense of peace. The combination amplify the crystals healing properties and the encased metal filters the negative frequencies. This combination creates a high-frequency output and a negative-frequency filter all in one piece. Orgonite, simply put helps transform negative energy into positive energy.

Quartz crystals are a main component of orgonite, but on their own do not have the same effect. Each variety of crystals and gemstones have a myriad of healing effects, and many help amplify the EMF protection an orgonite brings.

Where is a good place to put orgonite?

Orgonites are great protectors, so it is good to have them wherever you spend the most time and where EMFs may be high. It is ideal to have one in every room, but to begin with you may start with putting one in the living room by day (if that is where you spend a lot of time) and then in your bedroom at night (for protection while you sleep). I also would say wherever you work on a computer, at the office or at home it is great to have an orgonite nearby! The more orgonite the better, you can never have too much orgonite these days!

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