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Cleansing Orgonite

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

I am absolutely in love with orgonite! If you came to my house in Narnia you would see magical orgonite pyramids in every room and I would most likely being wearing an orgonite pendant! My orgonites are one of a kind, and handmade in sacred ceremony with love! In my opinion the way something is created is just as important as the end result. So why do I have so many? Are they pretty collectibles? No they are FAR more than that, they are FUNCTIONAL, which is why I keep so many around me!


I have been a wellness practitioner for what feels like my whole life, but technically board certified for 18+ years! So I am in the realm of alternative healing, but I am also very practical in many ways and do not stand behind anything that I haven't tried and tested personally and had results with. In fact, I always tell my clients, keep what feels right to you and leave the rest. Our truths may differ from one another, and that needs to be honored. So with that being said, the experience I have had with orgonites may be unique to me, but it has been so powerful I have had them in my life ever since!

I first heard of orgonite pyramids through Anthony William, who is also known as

the Medical Medium. He said that it is advantageous to have many throughout your house as they help combat unhealthy frequencies such as EMFs and also mold! You can read more about that here! So I thought what is orgonite? And when I saw how beautiful they are I was very pleasantly surprised! When I received my first piece, despite its small size I was blown away, how I could physically feel the vibration emanating off of it! I felt different when I held it, like a buzzing calmness! Long story short I now have orgonite throughout my home and they are central to my practice, and I create many unique pieces for my online shop! Most days I am working with clients on an energetic level, so I like having orgonite pyramids on my desk, and I wear a pendant to keep me both grounded and protected.


I just realized as I am so excited about orgonite I spent half this blog chatting about the origins, but need to get to the subject at hand - cleansing them!

So this morning someone asked me if they should be cleansing their orgonite and the answer is YES! Orgonite pyramids and pendants cleanse energy! That is what they do all day long for us, so it makes sense that we need to give them a little bath! They are technically self-cleansing, but I feel the following suggestions really shift their energy!

I want to start by mentioning that when you receive your orgonite pieces, it is lovely to just take a moment to hold it and connect with it. It is here to protect you. Give thanks to it and set your intentions for what you would like. Before I send out any orgonite piece from my shop, I cleanse it and bless it with healing intentions for the recipient. These are powerful little creations that need to be honored! They have a big job that they do!

When to Cleanse:

I follow my intuition with this one, and I just get a feeling when they need a little cleansing,

but if you need more structured instruction, I would say to cleanse 1-2 times a month.

HOW to Cleanse

There are a variety of ways to cleanse your orgonite, but this is how I cleanse mine, you can do one or all of them with the intention that they recharge:

1.) Grounding: Bring outside and put them on the earth for a little bit. Sometimes I do it for 5 minutes, or several hours depending on my time frame. The point is to get them connected to the earth to ground.

2.) Sunlight: they love sunlight and absorb it, you can put them in the window in the sun, or better yet, put outside on your deck or anywhere they can safely absorb light. I often line mine up in front of a patch of light on the window sill or outside on my deck.

3.) Moonlight: They also can be recharged by the light of the moon. You can charge them anytime. You can also opt to charge them with the power of the full moon and you can also set intentions and put them out in the light of the new moon. Moon Magic!

4.) Water: With sacred intention you can cleanse them in the rain, or any body of water. I have never felt called to wash them in the sink or bath, but i am sure you can!

5.) Energy Healing: You can bless your orgonite with prayers, energy healing and love, but also cleanse with light or ground outside to really physically clear the energy as well!

6.) Sound Healing: Orgonites love high vibration music/singing bowls etc, this is a wonderful way to tune them, but also combine clearing them with light/grounding in the earth!

So I hope that helps! These exquisite creations fill my days with so much magic, sparkle and good energy! Yay!

Much Love....and of course magic from Narnia!

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