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One of a Kind Handmade Orgonite Pyramids!

Anthony William, the Medical Medium, mentioned orgonite publicly in a radio show he did back in January of 2016. The show is called ‘Healing from Mold Exposure’ and you can listen to it here:

If you haven’t heard of Anthony William, he shares advanced health information to help us heal! I would recommend reading his books and listening to some of his radio shows as he gives a lot of incredible life changing information..... including insight about orgonite pyramids!

In his radio show Anthony mentioned that orgonite pyramids battle mold in the energy field. He says, Spirit tells me it is effective. They are rigged in a way to disarm mold." "They turn negative energy into positive energy that is what these pyramids are for. And they change the way people feel, they change the environment, the air in the environment, the feeling of the environment, but what I like about them is that Spirit told me that these handle mold." "So you get one, you get two of them and have them in different parts of your house and you put your hand on them for a moment, and you get connected to them, and then you let them emit that frequency that destroys anything chaotic, like mold."

You can hear everything Anthony says specifically about orgonite pyramids if you click on the link to his show in the first paragraph and go to 30:12~32:35 in the recording!

These magical devices literally protect us from bad vibes! It seems like something

out of Harry Potter), yet these beautiful gems provide a profound shift in your environment.

These pyramids do not just combat mold they raise the vibration so it repels any other lower vibration frequencies, such as EMF's from cell phones, electronics, and any other type of bad energy. My intuitive sense is if you believe in bad spirits, ghosts, or simply bad vibes hanging around that they most likely repel them as well! I also have created smaller sizes so that you can bring them everywhere with you to clear the energy! I brought one with me while traveling, and will bring one in the car sometimes when I am driving long distances! You could even bring one to the office with you and keep it on your desk to protect you at work!

I am honored and delighted to offer a selection of hand crafted pyramids on my website! I love having them on my site as I feel they raise the vibration and I also love having them in my house.... until I send them out to their new owners! The high vibration frequency emanating off of them is palpable!

You will know if one is meant for you as it will speak to your heart I feel that they are each already pre-destined an owner. I am not sure if we choose them or they choose us!

Sending so much love to all of you today and every day!

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