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I Love What I Do!

I love what I do. I know with my whole being it is what I am meant to be doing, and I feel so honored and humbled to be doing the work I do!

I think one of the main reasons I got into this work is because a long time ago when I was in my late teens/early twenties I needed someone who offered my services, but at the time I never found anyone. I suffered from extreme anxiety and panic, but was also incredibly self-aware and simply needed someone to hear me, see me, and understand me, to help me put together the puzzle pieces of my life with gentle guidance.

After university I stumbled across a life-changing 3 year certification course through a local

college that was all about natural healing. I signed up, not with the intention to become a practitioner, but to find a way to help heal myself! I am so glad I did as I realized pretty quickly that this was my life path. Three years later after graduation, I knew I wanted to help as many people as I could and I ambitiously opened my first holistic center and within one year opened my second location! I was humbled and delighted to have many clients come to me for my holistic healing therapies and was amazed at the results. I need to be clear though, I never could take full credit for the work I was doing as I always knew I was a conduit for God, for the Divine, for Love to come through me for the highest healing good of my clients. Before every session I prayed and set strong healing intentions for the exchange. Here I am now over 16 years later and I still do the same thing. My techniques may have shifted a little and I have certainly gained some wisdom over the years, but the simple surrender to God & the Divine working through me has never changed.

As I begin this New Year I have decided to open up more time to devote to my healing practice. I want to be there for as many people as I can! I have found in my sessions the simple act of listening can in and of itself have transformative effects. Every session is a sacred exchange, I spend time before each session in prayer setting intentions for my client and after I give thanks to our Creator for all that transpired. It is humbling, life-changing work. Some sessions are full of laughter, others of earnest listening, some are full of guided prayers, but no matter what, I trust and know what comes through is exactly what was needed in that time and space.

I don’t want anyone who may need extra support to feel they can’t work with me due to financial constraints, so I have created a Sliding Scale to help those to receive these sessions at a rate that they can afford. I also have decided to offer FREE 15 minute introductory calls for new prospective clients so you can speak to me and see if I am a fit for you!

All of my sessions are held over the phone and I use Skype Voice for my international clients.

I work with a variety of beautiful souls from all over the world and many of them are healers themselves who need that extra intuitive support as they are always holding space for others! I believe in the profound healing effects of having someone to speak to for spiritual and emotional support and I too have someone that I work with as I know how healing it is to have that loving guidance.

So I invite you to schedule an introductory call and let’s see where the journey takes us. I trust if you feel the pull, you will come.

Sending much love...and of course magic from Narnia!

P.s Once a month I also provide a recorded Guided Intuitive Session which includes an inspirational card reading, a discussion on a healing topic and a relaxing guided meditation. This is another affordable way to receive extra ongoing support! Click here for my next upcoming event.

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