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NEW Flower Essences!!! Yippee!!

Flower Remedies

Woweee! Look at all the NEW Flower Power! I just stocked up on everything for the upcoming holiday season and there are FOUR new products that have been added!

I have used Flower Essences for as long as I can remember and I create custom Flower Essence tinctures in my practice for clients and see BIG changes when they use them regularly!

Flower Essences are basically like energy medicine that work with the body's meridians to help move you forward in every way! I know the magic and power of Flower Essences as they have worked miracles for me personally so that is why I use them all day, every day! In addition to taking my custom tincture I use Lotuswei Flower Essence Anointing Oils, Mists + Serums to support me throughout the day!

There is so much to share about these new products that I created a recording going over each product and what flowers are in them and what they specifically help with!

Click here for an in-depth overview! Or look below for a quick overview!

*Available in Elixirs, Anointing Oils, Aura Mists + Balancing Serums!

MAGNIFIES: Awareness + sharpened senses; synchronicity; abundance + prosperity; gratitude + appreciation; embracing all aspects of self; gracefulness; attraction

DISSOLVES: Self-doubt, sense of scarcity, lack of clarity AROMA: Luscious Floral + Wood: Jasmine, Iris, Buddhawood, Sandalwood


JASMINE: Appreciation of your own beauty, magnetism + attraction

GARDENIA: Transforming your perceived weaknesses into strengths, embracing all aspects of your self as beautiful

PEONY: Abundance, ability to magnetize, gratitude, elegance

WHITE WATER LILY: Self-compassion, synchronicity, feeling more connected to everyone and everything around you, sharper senses

YARROW: Boosts the body’s natural energy levels and helps clear energetic saturation (from technology and other people)

PINK LOTUS: Wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding

DIAMOND GEMSTONE ESSENCE: Abundance, manifestation, amplification, fearlessness

Boundless Wisdom

*Available in Elixirs, Anointing Oils, Aura Mists + Balancing Serums!

MAGNIFIES: Mindful-awareness; fresh perspective; synchronicity; compassion + open-heartedness; spiritual awareness + awakening

DISSOLVES: Impatience + frustration; attachment + longing; feeling disconnected, especially from your spiritual life; negativity, despair + darkness AROMA: Earthy floral, like you're taking a walk into the woods


BODHI TREE: Boundless love, unwavering tenderness, patience

LILAC: Flexibility, freedom, acceptance WHITE MAGNOLIA: Awakening highest aspirations, deep peace, spiritual fulfillment, acceptance, ability to sense the divine in every moment SPOTTED BEE BALM: Hope, soothing calmness, one-pointed focus PINK LOTUS: Wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding. AMETHYST GEM ESSENCE:Spiritual awareness, intuition, connection to the divine

Game Changer

*Available in Elixirs, Anointing Oils, Aura Mists + Balancing Serums!

MAGNIFIES: Effortlessness, simplicity and lighthearted action; rapid growth, creativity and spaciousness; freedom from extremes; that feeling when your to-do list is totally done + everything is so much easier than you thought! DISSOLVES: Feeling rushed or that there's not enough time; heavy to-do list; overwhelm; everything feels like work or full of effort; feeling stuck, stagnant, or overburdened; tendency to go to extremes (i.e. overly responsible vs. undisciplined) AROMA: Exotic and rich, like walking through the wet jungle. Sweet. Smoky. Clean.


GIANT SPIDER LILY: Feel light, buoyant and streamlined; see your life + projects as a joyful celebration

PINK PRIMROSE: Effortless action and fearless readiness; thinking outside the box, creativity + innovation; rapid growth

DATE PALM:Freedom from extremes; sense of timelessness and freedom; finding new approaches to the way you’ve done things

BANANA BLOSSOM: Spacious mind, slowing down to rest + nurture self, dissolve fears of 'running out of time'

YARROW: Boosts the body’s natural energy levels and helps clear energetic saturation (from technology and other people)

PINK LOTUS: Wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding

SULPHUR MINERAL ESSENCE: Conscious change, discipline and creativity

Fierce Compassion

*Available in Elixirs, Anointing Oils, Aura Mists + Balancing Serums!

MAGNIFIES: Love, nurturing, appreciation of things just as they are, healing, overall envelopment of love an caring for ourselves + others. DISSOLVES: Old emotional wounds of the heart, feelings of loss, betrayal, resentment and abandonment. AROMA: Roses, Dirt, Liquor, Caramel. Earthy, Rich, Floral. This is one of our most complex, unique + avant garde blends ~ we find it addictive.


ROSE: Heal + soften your heart, offer compassion to yourself + others; cool the temper; soften hard edges

HOLLYHOCK:Transform relationships through gentleness; softness of character; trust and unconditional love for others

RHODODENDRON: Unconditional love, compassion for oneself; strengthen all types of relationships

MANDEVILLA: Peacefulness + contentment; being present with and accepting of what is; feeling secure in the love we have inside, rather than looking outside for wholeness

PINK LOTUS: Wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding.

ROSE QUARTZ GEMSTONE ESSENCE: Nurturing, tenderness, love of beauty in oneself, others + the natural world

Those are the new products! They sound amazing right?!

You can find them here in my shop + if they are sold out I am always ordering new inventory so just send an email to and we will get your order in!

Sending lots of love + flower magic your way!

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