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Magical Orgonite Pyramids

This is my second blog post about orgonite pyramids, because I am just so in love with them and I want to share all their magic with you!

If you haven’t read my first blog about orgonites, you can read that here. To briefly recap, I heard about orgonite pyramids for the first time when Anthony William, the Medical Medium mentioned them in his radio show as something that could be used to combat the frequency of mold. He has since then mentioned orgonite pyramids also help protect you from radiation falling from the sky, EMFs and they can assist by lifting the overall vibration! When I started to research them I was delighted to see how exquisite they are! There are many different ones out there and you just need to find one that resonates with you! I just KNEW in my heart when I found the pyramids that resonated with me.

When I purchased my first couple pyramids last year, I was doing the Medical Medium 28 day cleanse, and I noticed this cleanse really increased my sensitivity and intuition. So when the orgonites arrived I was astounded by how profoundly they raised the vibration of my home, I could literally feel it! I quickly acclimated, but due to my extra sensitivity I really felt the difference and knew from this experience that these little devices were the real deal!

I am excited to share I now have added a small selection of handmade orgonite pyramids to my shop! Every piece is unique and when you look into one of them it is like looking into a little magical land as there is so much detail. Also the way the light plays through them is mesmerizing!

I feel orgonites are predestined to their owners, so when you see the pyramid(s) that is right for you, you will just know. If you are having trouble choosing one, quiet your mind and ask your heart to lead you, it will bring you to the one you need.

I personally like to carry an orgonite pyramid around with me throughout my entire day! Whether I am working from my home office on the phone with clients, or am going into one of the wellness centers where I work, you can be sure I have a pyramid with me, and lately I have been bringing the FAIRY pyramid! The Fairy pyramid has such a light, playful and joyful energy! All the orgonites are mini protectors and you can just feel how they shift the energy in the room!

To cleanse my orgonites I like to put them outside in the sunlight and fresh air, I just have a knowing when it is time to do that and I follow that hunch. If you aren’t sure when to cleanse them I would try to do it once a month as a rule of thumb!

I love being able to experience the energy of each pyramid, they all have their own feel and personality! I feel it is such an honor to have the orgonites here with me until they are sent to their owners! In the interim, I cleanse and fill them with love and light! Then once somebody orders them, I write a blessing especially for them and place their pyramid on top of the written blessing to absorb the words. I feel this world need as much love as possible, so I try to infuse everything I can with that intention.

I hope that orgonites pyramids become more well known as they really are healing tools for our world! The more orgonite pyramids there are, the more bad vibes can be transmuted into good vibes! Can you imagine if the whole population had an orgonite pyramid? In my opinion it would be a love evolution!

I only carry a few little things in my Wellness Shop, and that is because I only want to share things that I know work and I use personally every day! If you ever have a question about any of the magical orgonites listed please don’t hesitate to ask! With every pyramid I send, I include a print out with their details so you can read all about their unique healing properties!

I wish you lots of love and hope that no matter where you are led, you find a magical orgonite pyramid that is perfect for you!

Sending lots of love your way!

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