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Vegan Creamy Potato & Asparagus Soup

I just had the most delicious dinner, and I want to share it with you!

It is vegan friendly (no dairy, eggs, or meat), gluten-free and soy free!

I am following the Medical Medium protocol, so it is perfect for that!

I just whipped a few ingredients together, and the results were a warm, creamy, Potato Asparagus soup! It came out so good and it is very easy to make! I made a lot as I like to have leftovers, the quantities below probably serve 4-6!

Step 1: I chopped up 6 (varied sizes) brown potatoes (yields 5-6 cups) and steamed them for about 10 minutes

Step 2: I steamed 10-12 sticks of organic asparagus

Step 3: I put the potatoes and asparagus along with 2-3 cups of organic unsweetened coconut milk (or more depending on how thick you want it, I like it very thick) in the food processor.

Step 4: I added 3 teaspoons of sea salt

Wallah ~ Rich & Creamy Asparagus Soup!

It doesn’t get easier than that! I didn’t even have to heat it as the potatoes and asparagus were still hot from steaming, so it was lovely and warm right out of the food processor!

Delicious, Filling & Healthy!

Wishing you health & wellness!

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