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Facebook?...meh - Instagram?...YES PLEASE!

I have been on Facebook for a loooong time, but just recently I created Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts and now my love for social media has a good way!

The thing is I don’t really like Facebook. I feel like it is an overload of information, and although I like that everyone I ever met during my lifetime is now easily accessible and will always be my "friend," it is overwhelming at the same time. Maybe people are meant to come and go in your life... and maybe knowing what your acquaintance/friend from middle school ate for lunch that day is not really necessary?! I don't mean to sound like a bummer, but as much as I love the concept of never losing touch with people, maybe that is a privilege reserved for a select few? However, as much as I say this, the thought of unfriending people makes me sad, as I like them, and I do want to have the option to see what they are up to. Does anyone else feel like that? So what do I do? I keep my Facebook as is, but am careful with how much time I spend on it. You know why? It really comes down to how it makes me feel. I don't like the way I feel a lot of the times after scrolling through FB. However, I have written this blog not to overly discuss my mixed feelings about FB, I am writing this primarily because I am LOVING my new social media outlets right now!! So let's talk about the good stuff!

I really like Pinterest, as it is so fun to create colorful, magical and inspirational boards of images I love! Pinterest is relaxing and fun and I simply enjoy it for what it is! I don’t worry about followers or who sees it, I do it for my own enjoyment and inspiration! I love all my pins equally, but recently I have been adding a lot to my Magical Nature and Magical Enchantment boards! If those types of things tickle your fancy, take a peek!

Twitter is great too! I love that information is limited and so peeps keep their tweets quick and interesting! I am building a great community of like-minded people and I love the fast rhythm of twitter land!

I am saving the best for last as recently I discovered Instagram and I love love love it!!! First of all, everyone I have followed and all my followers are people I don't know personally, but they are people I find incredibly interesting...because I love their images! Secondly, I am able to create my own space where I am just following all my interests like, flower essence peeps, artist peeps, magical peeps, holistic health peeps, medical medium peeps and all of a sudden my feed is so inspirational that I can’t get enough! I am flooded with positive, uplifting and healthful images every time I go on! Yay! So I love the way this makes me feel! Also it is fun to give and receive “hearts" and is such great way to show love for one another's posts! And I love commenting and receiving comments, it is nice to share with people encouraging words when you like their post!

Overall I am a happy Instagram camper and I have only been on there for less than 2 weeks, so I am looking forward to see who else I connect with and to adding more inspirational images to my feed!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Share your thoughts about social media below! What is you favorite way to connect?

Much Love and Magic to You!

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