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Voices of Light, Voices of Love

I am so honored to have had my work chosen to be shared in this new beautiful book, Voices of Light, Voices of Love that has been recently released by Wisdom of the Earth. Wisdom of the Earth is a high-quality supplier of pure essential oils and their integrity and knowledge is unsurpassed.

I became a certified aromatherapist through Wisdom of the Earth in 2008 and I found the whole process not only informative, but personally transformative. For my certification, it was requested to study, work with, and write about a particular essential oil, and I chose Cistus. I had never heard of Cistus before the certification program, but as soon I took in her exquisite scent, I was very impacted by what she stirred within me.

Here is a quote from my experience with Cistus that is cited in the book:

"You come to me from the depths of ancient times, you remember me, and through my haze of forgetfulness, I begin to remember you. You are patient, dear old friend of mine, awaiting my awakening of full remembrance, so once again we can commune and laugh as one. So much lives within you, all of time, all of eternity. You are a wise friend with many illuminating facets, shining the Truth in so many ways, and gently bestowing wisdom through your many delicious hues of Love."

To read more about my awakening experience with Cistus, you will find my contribution on page 11-12 under 'A Channeling from My Heart' in the delightful Voices of Light, Voices of Love book!

I am so humbled and grateful to be part of this inspirational book that so eloquently delivers the messages of the plants and trees and all their infinite wisdom!

Much Love,

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