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Magical Flower Remedies? Uh, Yes Please!

Hi there! I am happy to be blogging again. I took quite a long hiatus and have redesigned my website with a whole new look and feel for my re-emergence! I hope you like it, I have made it extra magical for you!

Soooo, what's new? Well, I am currently obsessed with flower remedies. I have been

taking Bach remedies for yeeeaaarrs and I always have Rescue Remedy on hand, and I still marvel at the magic of what a custom tincture with the right remedies can do! However recently, I suffered a great loss, and my emotions have been everywhere and every other day I was making a new remedy to fit my fluctuating needs. Yet life has a funny and wonderful way of bringing you what you need, when you need it! During this time, I heard an interview on Hay House with Katie Hess, and my ears perked up as soon as I realized she was a flower power soul sister! She discussed her work and her love for the magic of flower remedies and then she mentioned how she had created her own flower essence line! Wow, how awesome is that?! So I immediately went to her site and was excited to see she had created a bright and colorful flower elixirs line which covered all our basic needs in 6 simple remedies: Inner Peace, Quiet Mind, Infinite Love, Radiant Energy, Inspired Action and Joy Juice! She also created balancing serums,and aura mists which have the delicious addition of essential oils! These can also be used in combination with the elixirs for extra flower magic! I knew immediately I needed Inner Peace (haha) and I also bought the mini collections of mists and serums as I could not decide which ones I wanted, so I chose to sample them all! That was a good idea!

As soon as my goodies arrived, I took the elixir right away...5 sweet drops under the

tongue and I felt an immediate shift... this was POWERFUL stuff! I then religiously continued to use the elixir every day and used the mists and serums constantly depending on what I needed. I pretty quickly knew these were not just a one-time-thing and I decided to not only continue to use these magical flower remedies, but I also wanted to share them with as many people as possible! So I am happy to share I have added them to my Magical Wellness Shop and will be using them with my clients, and have been getting the word out to my family and friends!

The world needs these remedies more than ever! We need to feel elevated and supported and knowing these remedies are natural and safe and made from flowers...well, does it get any better?!!

I'm sure I will be blogging more about them, I am too excited not to! And there is so much more to share about these life-changing remedies! Ahhh, you can probably feel the enthusiasm jumping off the page, probably because I am all loved up with flower remedies!

I am currently now on my second bottle of Inner Peace Elixir and have been using the Infinite Love Aura Mist and the Infinite Love Balancing Serum non-stop! I work in front of a computer so I mist myself probably every half hour or so and it is very refreshing and the smell is intoxicating! I use the luxurious serum on my feet before bed, and also put on my wrists for an extra lift throughout the day! I feel so pampered and loved by these rituals and that is not even getting into all the healing effects they offer!

I am so happy to spread the #flowerpower! And I am so happy to be blogging again!

So enough about me....tell me, which remedies are you drawn to?!

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