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Feeling Crampy ~ Flower Remedy to the Rescue!

I just had to write a quick blog about the magic that happened today!

One of the beauties of being a woman is our ability to conceive a child, but this miraculous power also comes with a regular visit from our menstrual cycle, which for me is usually very uncomfortable! In fact, it is not really my cycle that bothers me, it is specifically the painful cramps that accompanies it for the first day or two. They are better than they used to be, but still very uncomfortable. So today, I remembered something......doesn't Lotus Wei have a serum that may help with monthly cycles?! I quickly went and read the descriptions and discovered...yes they is their Radiant

Energy Balancing Serum! This delicious serum contains the magical Pomegranate flower essence that may help with reproductive balancing (which includes experiencing less cramping and regulating menstrual cycles) when applied nightly to the abdomen. I had wished I had tried it sooner so I wasn't in pain right now, but I figured I would put some on right away to start the process. I put a generous amount on my abdomen and am astounded to say, about 30-40 minutes later I felt relief and it lasted all day! Now it is about 9 hours later, and they returned again, so I generously reapplied the serum and this time within about 45 minutes the pain had really subsided! Incredible! I am going to continue to use this every night and I will report back next month, what my experience is....maybe I won't even have cramps again?!

This is obviously my own experience, so I am not sure if or how this will work for you, but woweee ~ I just had to share!! My whole day was turned around!

If you aren't feeling crampy, but would like to try this remedy, the Radiant Energy

Balancing Serum, Aura Mist and Elixir are also great for renewing your energy, providing vitality and helping to offset toxins from cell phones, computers, air travel and more!

There are a lot of flower remedies to choose from, click here to see all them all!

Sending you all lots love and radiant energy!

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