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NEW! Ethereal Divinity LARGE 'Lattice Heart' Premium Orgonite Square Pendant!

LASH SALE - making room for new inventory - enjoy the generous discount! 


Handcrafted  LARGE 'Lattice Heart ' ~The Light of Love ~ Ethereal Divinity

Orgonite Square Pendant 

This month’s offering is called The Light of Love and captures the essence of

Divine Purity, Angelic Healing & Transformative Clarity



A pendant that embodies the symbiosis of light and healing through the clear tones of Aquamarine and Blue Agate. This new one-of-a-kind pendant not only provides exceptional EMF protection but also harnesses angelic frequencies, dispels low vibrational matrixes and uplifts your soul signature in response to intentional prayer.


This Large Square Aquamarine Hand faceted Austrian Crystal Lattice heart is set in antique silver. 21 ndividually set crystals shine forth truth and healing. Clarity and heartfelt purpose is behind this beautiful setting. Wear this pendant to clarify and cleanse your heart as you move with intentionand purpose through the landscape of your inner being.


The center of this magical pendant contains an Aquamarine hand faceted Austrian Crystal set in vintage silver. Aquamarine is frequently associated with the sea and the stones spiritual meaning is one of cleansing. Aquamarine evokes the purity of crystal blue waters, and the relaxation and feeling of calm that the sea brings. Spiritually, aquamarine is associated with trusting and letting go.


The Light of Love

The ocean calls us often and soothes us with its rhythmic beat as the sun reflects off the waves in dazzling beauty. Angelic healing often uses the medium of water and light and this stunning Orgonite pendant was created in response to the divine guidance received through the conduit of light shining through and in water. Blessed water of the light, heal us with thy balmy sprite, flow and turn and wash away, all that weighs upon our light.


This stunning handcrafted pendant's intention is to capture the Light of Love which fills your cup with healing nourishment. This piece also provides comforting nurture and guidance from the Unnamed/Unknown Angels who work for God! 




The Aquamarine core contains an Austrian Crystal of exquisite clarity and has been set with great skill to rest inside a specially created antique silver heart.


In the sparkly soft and pure non-toxic resin, you will discover an intuitively selected array of healing metals along with handpicked and individually sourced crystals and stones. Kat has chosen each stone with care and prayer! Every one of these very special pendants also contains a sprinkling of a very high-quality vegan eco glitter for extra sparkle and magic!



*Strategically placed Clear Quartz Crystals ~ harmonizes all the energy systems and aligns the subtle bodies.  

*Blue Agate~ great for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. It also helps heal the soul, body, and mind by harmonizing their energies.

*Mini Ethereal Glass Spheres ~ created under extremely high heat providing balance and form to angelic frequencies 

*Mini Selenite Wands ~ promotes peace and calm, provides clarity, clears blocked energy

*Rose Quartz~ focusing holistic feelings of self-love and fostering loving relationships with others

*High Quality Copper pieces/Atomized Copper ~ a key ingredient that transmutes the etheric to the physical 

*Kat's Exclusive EMF Protection Blend ~ featuring Elite Shungite and Black Tourmaline 


Custom Flower Essences from Narnia: 

A soothing and uplifting flower essence blend has also been anointed on every unique creation with a healing blessing. 

This magical blend contains flowers specifically for: Soul Magic, Clearing Etheric Pathways~ Angelic Protection ~ Divine Presence 



18" or 30" Sterling Silver Plated Chains

18" White Cord with Metal Clasp 

16" Black Rubber Cord 

18-27" Black Adjustable Cord

36" White Cord that you can tie at any length that works for you. You will be sent approx 3 feet of cord which will hang at around 18.5" at its longest extension.

20" Solid Sterling Silver 2mm Rope Chain 



The Creation Process

This divinely channeled pendant has been crafted in direct response to Kat choosing to surrender herself into deep meditation, with the purpose of manifesting an exquisite Orgonite protection piece.The process has been unique and authoritative as Kat has
garnered and fostered her relationship with her angelic guides to bring you a truly Ethereal Orgonite masterpiece that had its inception in the heavenly realms.


 Measurement:  -  LARGE Square

Diameter: 1.87” Depth: 0.5” 



Every Orgonite product made by Kat is handcrafted to a specific formula, but is unique and one of a kind. As part of the creative process, some pieces may display minor divots or air bubbles which may make some parts of the surface less smooth than others. Be reassured! This is completely normal and forms part of the beauty that comes with a handmade artistic product that has been made especially for you!


The Magic of Orgonite! 

The main function of orgonite is to clean stagnant and negative energy. This has a multitude of beneficial effects.  Listed are some of the benefits of orgonite that people have claimed to have experienced: 


  • Feeling better, both physically and spiritually. 

  • Relationships Harmony 

  • Better sleep.  

  • Spiritual growth.  

  • Protects from EMFs. This is one of the main orgonite benefits that draws people to it. It seems that orgonite does not reduce EMF per se, but instead protects your body from its harmful effects. Many people have felt instant relief from a simple pendant, although if you are very sensitive to electro-magnetic radiation, you may need to place more pieces of orgonite around EMF-emitting devices (your fridge, computer, tv, clock radio, etc). 

  • Accelerates plant growth. 

  • Cleaner water.  

  • Purifies the atmosphere. 




NEW! Ethereal Divinity LARGE 'Lattice Heart' Premium Orgonite Square Pendant!

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