Intuitive Wellness Tele-Class!

This call has some very intense and important messages for everyone, so I wanted to make it available to as many people as possible!!! 


This 60 minute inspirational call includes:

*An Intuitive Card Reading

*Kat Chat: Current Global Energy Patterns

*Following our Unique Intuition/ Pendulums

*Guided Healing Prayer & Meditation!


Sign up now and you will receive all the class playback info sent to the email address provided! 


This is a 60 minute jam-packed (listen-only) tele-class that includes an in-depth intuitive card reading! Then Kat will be discussing the global energetic trends she has been witnessing and how that ties into the importance of honing our intuition! She will also discuss how to use a pendulum to work with your intuitive sense. The session then concludes with a relaxing, guided healing meditation and prayer. You will also receive access to the recording for a limited time to listen back at your convenience.


This 60 minute tele-class is only $22 and if you can’t listen live, you will have access to the playback for up to a minimum of two weeks to listen and re-listen at your convenience!


Also you can join in from anywhere in the world, as there are international toll free call-in numbers! So don't let time or location stop you from joining! 


These classes are divinely inspired, and have been created with the intention to help you feel deeply supported, loved and to encourage you to remember the truth and beauty of who you truly are!


So get cozy and pour some tea, and enjoy this healing session with Kat WB!

Intuitive Wellness Tele-Class!


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