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Support for Sensitive Souls Teleclass!

This 60 minute inspirational call includes:


*An Intuitive Card Reading

*An overview of what it exactly means to be an empath/sensitive soul and how we navigate this world.

*How to differentiate what's yours or someone else's feeling/physical symptoms. 

*How to stay sufficiently protected while interacting with differnt types of draining people. 

*Guided healing meditation techniques to specifically help ground, center and protect your sensitive soul.

*Access to the Recording/Login Page


Sign up now and you will receive all the class playback info sent to the email address provided! 


Support for Sensitives/Intuitives/Empaths!


This is a 60 minute jam-packed (listen-only) tele-class that begins with an intuitive card reading for all the participants! Then Kat will be discussing how to support yourself when you are a sensitive/intuitive/empathic soul. Many people do not even realize the full extent of what it means to be sensitive + empathic and so Kat will discuss in detail how navigating the world and relationships may take a little extra TLC when you feel as much as you do! 


This 60 minute tele-class is only $22 and you will have access to the playback for up to 4 weeks after to listen and re-listen at your convenience!


Also you can join in from anywhere in the world, as there are many international toll free call-in numbers! Also as soon as the live recording is finished you will have access to the call via a login page that you will receive upon registration!

So don't let time or location stop you from joining! 


These classes are divinely inspired, and have been created with the intention to help you feel deeply supported, loved and to encourage you to remember the truth and beauty of who you truly are!


So get cozy and pour some tea, and enjoy this healing session with Kat WB!



Support for Sensitive Souls Teleclass!

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