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These magical one of a kind inspirational decks designed and created by Kat are the perfect gift for the Holidays! These are beautiful gifts for family, friends, co-workers or anyone who could use a little daily inspiration...including YOU!

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The Magical Inspiration Card  & Winter Magic decks each contain 24 large cards (3.5''×5.75''), and comes in a beautiful organza bag along with a write up! There is also a lovely heart shaped holder included with each deck that is for displaying the card you choose, which will help to keep you inspired all day long!


*BRAND NEW! Double Deck Option! * - Kat has found when she combines 2 sets (of the same cards) in one deck it really adds to the reading! Amazingly enough, she rarely gets the same card twice, so when this happens, it truly emphasizes the messages!This is a lighter deck which consists of 24 cards, so if you prefer a heavier deck doubling up can be extra fun, and all 48 cards fit perfectly in the box provided!


Magical Inspiration & Winter Magic Card Decks

I live in a beautiful property in Northwest Connecticut that I affectionately called “Narnia” as so much magic seems to reside here! I have been captivated by the beauty and started to take endless photos to try and capture the magic! One day I decided to very gently enhance these photos to depict how I saw them (as magical) and I loved how they came out!


My intuition kept telling me that these images could truly inspire people! So many of us lose that sense of magic and imagination that we had as a child and all of a sudden we are living in “the real world” which can be full of stress and responsibilities. The intention behind these images are to remind you of the magical. They are to help us to remember and re-ignite the joy of seeing the world through the eyes of a child! They help us to feel that deep goodness and trust again - to reawaken the idea of how many possibilities exist!


I am excited to have created my Magical Inspiration & Winter Magic Cards using 24 of my favorite images from “Narnia!” I have also intuited a little poem for each card that captures the essence of their meaning!


A great way to use the cards is to hold them in your hand and ask aloud your question and then pick a card or shuffle them until one falls out and then read what it has to say! Many times I just ask ‘what do I need to know?’ and the perfect card jumps out! There is a beautiful heart shaped holder included with each deck that is for displaying the card you choose, which will help to keep you inspired all day long!


I also love choosing cards for other people and then texting them a snapshot of what card they got ~ it is a great way to inspire someone’s day and add a little magic!


These Magical Inspiration & Winter Magic Cards were made with love and my intention is that it brightens the day of everyone who uses them!


~ Kat ~


Magical Inspiration & Winter Magic Cards Details

The Magical Inspiration & Winter Magic Cards come in a beautiful organza bag along with a write up and a heart shaped display holder! The display holder is a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the card you picked and its message! 


The Magical Inspiration  & Winter Magic Card decks each contain 24 large cards (or 48 cards if you opt for a Double Deck) (3.5''×5.75''/89mm×146mm) packaged in shrink wrap and a window tuck box to always keep the cards safe and protected!


This set includes 2 decks complete with stands, tuck boxes and organza bags! 

SET of 2 ~ Magical Inspiration & Winter Magic Card Decks!

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