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Custom Non Alcoholic Flower Remedy

This purchasing portal is only available for Kat's private clients to order Custom Flower Essence Refills and Rescue Remedy.


Please put in the order notes (click on 'Add Note' in the checkout) who the remedies are for and/or specify if you would like some of the tinctures to be Rescue Remedy.

Shipping is included in the price. 


Example of what to write in the order notes: 

1 x John 

1 x Mary 

3 x Rescue Remedies 


Kat is a qualified Flower Essence Practitioner who has creates Custom Flower Essence Tinctures which contains no alcohol, canola or rapeseed oil. Most non alcoholic flower remedies are preserved with a vegetable glycerin which contains canola oil or rapeseed oil.


What is a Flower Essence?

Flower Essences are the energetic imprint of a flower's "essence" which is extracted into water using a gentle sun infusion. These essences do not acquire taste or aroma from the flower itself, but contain its healing and supportive synergistic and highly energetic components.

The flower essences help to balance out energetic imbalances and is akin to receiving an energy healing. It works on a subtle, but deep level helping to heal mental and emotional patterns that are not serving you! They also enhance spiritual growth and awareness. They are truly magical assistants for your healing journey!


What is specifically in Kat's Custom Flower  Tincture? 

Each handmade tincture contains fresh spring water, non-alcoholic flower remedies and organic coconut glycerin to preserve. The tinctures come in a cobalt blue 1 oz (30 ml) glass bottle with a glass dropper inside.  Kat creates these remedies in a prayerful meditation which adds to their vibration and potency. 



Are There Side Effects?

These remedies are gentle and non-invasive and can be used on anybody without side effects. They work on an energetic level to help improve mood and overall well-being. Kat also blesses them with prayers and healing intentions to make them extra potent!

It is advised to keep a note of how you feel while taking your tincture, it is amazing how many subtle shifts can take place and it is good to keep a record to help recognize the positive changes in well-being!


How Often Do I Take My Custom Tincture?

It is recommended you take 4 to 5 drops as frequently as needed.  You can take them directly on your tongue or add to water, tea etc 

Let your intuition be your  guide, you can't take too much of these gentle remedies. 

Some of your daily drops can even be added  to your skin lotion or in your bath! You will still receive their benefits!

Use as frequently as needed.

Because these remedies are alcohol free they only last a maximum of 90 days if kept in a cool dry spot. However the tinctures when used regularly ast between 2-4 weeks.

Shake lightly before use. ​Store away from heat and light and below 77f.

Custom Non Alcoholic Flower Remedy

  • International Shipping Policies

    *This shop is set up for international shipping, however if you do not see your country listed at checkout, please email your order to

    You will receive an email invoice and international shipping charges will apply. Shipping charges are based on weight. 

    Additional taxes, customs, taxes and/or handling fees may be required upon receipt depending on the policies for each country and are the customer's responsibility. Please check with your local post office or customs office to find out the potential cost upon receipt.

    Kat is not responsible for delays in delivery due to customs.

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