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A-B Single Handcrafted Flower Essences

Discover Our Handcrafted Flower Essences

Explore our diverse selection of meticulously crafted flower essences, each with unique therapeutic properties and benefits. Designed to support emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, our essences offer a gentle yet profound path to harmony and growth.


Flower Essence Descriptions:


  • Agrimony: Hides worries behind a cheerful face, encouraging genuine inner joy.
  • Algerian Iris:Aids in integrating spiritual insights into daily life.
  • Almond: Offers clarity of purpose and inner strength.
  • Almond: Supports nurturing intuition and accessing inner wisdom.
  • Aloe Vera: Promotes emotional balance and healing.
  • Alpine Mint Bush: Ideal for emotional refreshment, for caregivers.
  • Amaranthus: Aligns physical and subtle bodies for enhanced well-being.
  • Angelica: Encourages spiritual connection and protection.
  • Angelsword: Discerns true from false spiritual communication.
  • Apricot: Supports expressing personal will and intention.
  • Arizona Fir: Grounds spiritual energy, offering strength and stability.
  • Aspen: Addresses unexplained fears, providing inner courage.
  • Autumn Leaves: Assists with transitions.
  • Avocado: Nurtures receptivity and inner nourishment.
  • Baby Blue Eyes: Restores trust, especially for those feeling vulnerable.
  • Banana: Balances emotional needs and nurturing aspects.
  • Banksia Robur: Energizes those feeling sluggish or disheartened.
  • Basil: Integrates sexuality and spirituality, clearing related fears.
  • Bauhinia: Encourages openness and flexibility of mind.
  • Beech: Promotes tolerance and understanding towards others.
  • Bells of Ireland: Enhances attunement to intuitive insights.
  • Billy Goat Plum: Accepts and enjoys physical existence.
  • Bistort: Supports staying present and grounded.
  • Black Cohosh: Confronts rather than avoids challenges.
  • Black-eyed Susan: Brings insight into avoiding inner pain.
  • Black-eyed Susan: Facilitates deep inner work for understanding.
  • Blackberry: Encourages manifestation of goals.
  • Blackberry: Clarifies action and decision-making.
  • Blackthorn: Promotes resilience and recovery.
  • Bladder Sienna: Supports emotional release and cleansing.
  • Bleeding Heart: Heals heartbreak, freeing the heart from pain..
  • Blood Root: Fosters healthy self-identity and boundaries.
  • Blue Flag: Supports purification and self-expression.
  • Blue Pimpernel: Brings mental clarity and calmness.
  • Bluebell: Opens the heart to joy and unity.
  • Bo Tree: Aids in achieving deep meditation and enlightenment.
  • Boab: Clears negative family patterns and energies.
  • Bog Asphodel: Helps manage deep fears and anxieties.
  • Borage: Uplifts the heart and brings courage.
  • Bottlebrush: Eases life transitions, smoothing changes.
  • Bracken ALC: Where there has been a habitual playing of the “child” role in life.
  • Bracken AQU: fear of the intuitive side of one’s nature.
  • Bush Fuchsia: Enhances clear communication and emotional balance.
  • Bush Gardenia: Boosts intimacy and rejuvenates relationships
  • Bush Iris: Aids spiritual awareness and inner growth.
  • Butterbur: Provides protection and alleviates fears.
  • Buttercup: Boosts self-esteem and personal radiance.


Tailored Preservation Methods for Enhanced Well-being

Recognizing that our clients have diverse needs and preferences, we are pleased to offer our essences in three distinct formulations:


  • Water Remedy with Organic Brandy: Ideal for those who prefer the traditional preservation method, our brandy-based essences are designed for longevity, typically remaining potent for several years when stored properly.

  • Water Remedy Organic Coconut Glycerin*: A perfect choice for individuals avoiding alcohol, this option ensures a GMO-free and canola oil-free remedy. Coconut glycerin offers a sweet taste and extends the shelf life of our essences to about 45 days without refrigeration, making it a gentle yet effective alternative.

  • Lactose-Free Organic Sucrose Pellets: For those seeking an alcohol-free and liquid-free option, our sucrose pellets provide a convenient and lactose-free way to enjoy the benefits of flower essences.


*Unlike most non-alcoholic flower remedies that are preserved with vegetable glycerin containing canola or rapeseed oil, we prioritize purity and quality in our preservation methods. Kat, as a qualified Flower Essence Practitioner, has meticulously created these Flower Essence Tinctures to ensure they are free from alcohol, canola, and rapeseed oil, catering to the holistic well-being of our clients.

A-B Single Handcrafted Flower Essences

  • Additional Information

    Experience the Magic of Flower Essences

    What exactly are flower essences? They are the energetic imprint of a flower's essence, delicately extracted through a sun infusion process. While they may not carry the taste or aroma of the flower itself, they encapsulate its healing properties and synergistic energy.

    These essences work on a subtle yet profound level, addressing energetic imbalances and supporting emotional and mental well-being. 


    Crafted with Intention

    Every essence is crafted with intention and prayerful meditation, infusing them with heightened vibrations and potency. These Flower Essences are specially formulated to soothe and uplift, offering a beacon of light during challenging times.


    Your Path to Well-Being

    Curious about potential side effects? Rest assured, our remedies are gentle and non-invasive, suitable for all ages and constitutions.


    How to Use

    Embrace the intuitive guidance of your soul as you incorporate our flower essences into your daily routine. Simply take 4 to 5 drops or pellets as needed, directly on the tongue or diluted in water, tea, or even in skincare products. There are no limits to the ways you can infuse your life with their gentle magic.


    Note: Our flower essences are also beloved by furry friends and little ones, offering a soothing touch to their lives as well.

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