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Aromatherapy Consultations 

Aromatherapy Consultation
 An Aromatherapy  consult is a gentle and comforting experience where Kat will help you find the perfect essential oils just for you!
Kat will email you a questionnaire asking for a few details prior to your appointment to help her select a few recommendations for you.
 Kat will spend some time in prayer and meditation and will intuitively choose a selection of essential oils. During your session Kat will share what oils she selected and together you will pinpoint the best ones for your unique needs.
Through intuitive guidance and emotional support, Kat creates a safe and non-judgmental space to share whatever you need to discuss or explore.  
Please know that for every session Kat creates a sacred and healing space. 
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essential oil consult
Wisdom of the Earth Pure Essential Oils
 Kat has been a certified aromatherapist through Wisdom of the Earth for over a decade! Kat is also honored that her findings on the essential oil Cistus have been included in their most recent book, Voices of Light, Voices of Love
Every batch of Wisdom of the Earth essences are hand poured in ceremony, and every single step of the creation process is filled with honor, respect and integrity.
Click here to download a product listing and price list, and to order essential oils! 
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with Kat! 
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