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Anxiety Support Program


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flower essences for anxiety

 I feel like I need to share my experience with Kat. I had several very specific intentions I had going into our session and not only did she help me feel heard and deeply valued, she then spontaneously decided to put my situations in prayer. Wow. In the moment I was so moved by her genuine care, the love that poured out of her, and then my life shifted. Seriously, it was as though that day triggered so many positive changes in my life. If people realize the magic of her sessions, I am sure she would be booked until forever! Seriously! I was so blown away by the changes in my life, I emailed her the updates and she humbly said it was God's work, but I am here to tell you that Kat is pure magic. If you are lucky enough to find her, keep her as your guide, as she will never lead you astray. As a busy businesswoman, I am proud to share I rely on Kat's wisdom and guidance often! Thank you Kat now and always you are a rare gem. 


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