True Vitality Set

Vitality IN A BIG WAY. Use the Radiant Energy Elixir, Mist & Serum at the same time: revitalize after long periods using a computer or on an airplane, recharge after being in an office environment or around lots of people, enhance the strength of your chi (make your presence more powerful) and enhance radiance in your face.

{for women: use regularly to balance hormones, eliminate cramps, and make cycles like clockwork}


Radiant Energy Elixir :: flower essences in a delicious wildflower honey elixir*


Radiant Energy Mist :: flower essences & warming citrus-spice aromatherapy in a revitalizing mist*


Radiant Energy Serum :: flower essences & warming citrus-spice aromatherapy in luscious calendula-infused oil*


True Vitality Set


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