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NEW! Featured Essence ~ Handmade Basil Flower Essence

Discover the Healing Power of Basil Flower Essence!

Basil Flower Essence captures the vibrant energy and restorative properties of basil flowers, meticulously crafted to support your emotional and mental well-being. This essence is perfect for those looking to enhance clarity, calm, and resilience in their daily lives.


Organic Coconut Glycerin Base

Our Basil Flower Essence is preserved in organic coconut glycerin, ensuring a pleasant, sweet taste and extended shelf life. Ideal for individuals avoiding alcohol, this GMO-free and canola oil-free base maintains the essence's potency for about 45 days without refrigeration. It offers a gentle yet effective alternative for everyday wellness.


The Essence of Healing

Flower essences are the energetic imprint of a flower's essence, obtained through a gentle sun infusion process. They don’t carry the physical taste or aroma of the plant but encapsulate its healing properties and energetic synergy. Basil Flower Essence works on a subtle yet profound level, addressing energetic imbalances and promoting emotional and mental health.


Crafted with Intention

Each batch of our Basil Flower Essence is crafted with intention and infused during prayerful meditation, enhancing the vibrational energy and potency of the essence. It is formulated to uplift and soothe, providing support during challenging times.


Your Path to Well-Being

Our remedies are gentle and non-invasive, making them suitable for all ages and constitutions. They are free from any adverse side effects, ensuring a safe and nurturing addition to your wellness regimen.


How to Use Basil Flower Essence

To incorporate the healing benefits of Basil Flower Essence into your life, simply take 4 to 5 drops or pellets directly on the tongue or dilute them in water, tea, or your favorite skincare products. Trust your intuition as you find the most beneficial ways to integrate this essence into your daily practices.


Also Great for Pets and Children

Not only is our Basil Flower Essence beloved by adults, but it is also safe and soothing for pets and children, offering them a gentle touch of nature’s magic.

Embrace the therapeutic benefits of Basil Flower Essence and start your journey towards enhanced well-being today!

NEW! Featured Essence ~ Handmade Basil Flower Essence

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