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My Path to the Medical Medium

Today is my anniversary, and although my husband and I have been together for almost 7 years, today marks 2 years of marriage! I want to be one of those people who has been married for over 50 years and still be healthy and happy on our 50th wedding anniversary! However in today's climate of health, I wonder if that is a possibility. Although I am in my 30's, I have already suffered from chronic anxiety/panic issues and from an "incurable" autoimmune illness that could only be maintained by steroids, and hypothyroidism that I used to take medication for until it had the opposite effect and made me temporarily hyperthyroid! This seems to be the case with almost everyone around me, they are all suffering from some sort of health issue and most of them aren't curable, just maintainable through medication!

My journey to health has led me to some incredible holistic practices that I will continue to use for as long as possible, as I personally know their value! When I was in college through my early twenties, I suffered greatly from panic and anxiety. Part of my anxiety was about taking any medication so I did the best I could just managing to live with it. If you suffer from anxiety, you understand that it is a terrible affliction to have. I was blessed to find a 3 year holistic certification course through a local college that was life-changing! This course taught personal process work and energy therapy. I was amazed to find after a couple months into this course that my anxiety was almost gone! I was so thoroughly changed by this course that after 3 years I opened my own holistic center, determined to help everybody and anyone I could! A year later I expanded and merged with another center in the next town over and together we created a thriving healing community! Even Nick Ortner (author of The Tapping Solution) along with his sister Jessica Ortner (author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss) came and premiered their film on tapping at our center!

What I learned throughout all these years of school and having my holistic centers was the power of love, self-acceptance, faith in life, energy medicine, emotional support and the magic of being part of an open-minded, health-conscious community! All of these things worked wonders in not only my life, but for all the people around me!

Unfortunately fast-forward to early 2013 and I got an incurable diagnosis and it turned

my world upset down. I did everything in my power to cure it, as I wholeheartedly believe anything can be cured! Long story short, after seeing many different doctors and practitioners, I found a homeopath who worked with me for 2 years and through homeopathy was able to reverse all my symptoms! I was so moved by my experience that I am currently enrolled in a 4 year program at one of the best homeopathy schools in England! However my health overall still wasn't where I wanted it to be, so fast-forward again to March of 2015 and I found Anthony William through a friend who had great healing working with him. I started listening to his free telephone seminars (before he had a radio show) and right away felt the love, compassion and authenticity in his voice. I also was blown away by the information he was sharing about "mystery illnesses." Any illness, like mine that has a label, but not a cure is a "mystery illness," so things like diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, MS and many more all fall under that category. One of the main points he said over and over again is that our bodies don't attack themselves. This is a huge point, as for anyone who has had a autoimmune diagnosis, or any diagnosis for that matter, it comes with the awful feeling that we have somehow failed.

So here I am almost 2 years later, and I have listened to every show Anthony has done, read and re-read his book multiple times and handed out copies to friends and family and most importantly have integrated the protocols into my life! I can feel on a deep level what following his protocols are doing for me health-wise. I can attest that the daily celery juice I have been doing for almost 2 years has completely transformed my digestive tract! Also the heavy metal smoothie I have been doing daily for over a year has cleared my memory substantially and has helped me to feel like I have my brain back! I now sit here today with his latest book Life Changing Foods and am blown a way by what is in it! It takes all of this healing to a whole new level!

All of Anthony's life-changing health information has become the backbone for all that I do! I feel it keeps me healthy and vibrant and is working on a deep level to continue to heal and strengthen my body, mind and spirit!

I have come full circle and am now humbled and grateful to be offering support at Carolyn Cavanagh's new expanded wellness center, Primrose Cottage Wellness in Southbury, CT. Carolyn studied extensively under Anthony and is one of his trusted practitioner referrals. I am honored to be working alongside her! I am offering Intuitive Emotional Support, Flower Essence Consults, and Guided Intuitive Readings.

*Update: I just did an interview with more details of my journey to health, that you can read about here!

I would love to work with you if you feel the call! Or let's connect on social media!

In the meantime I am sending lots of love and comfort your way!

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