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Insight into My Magical Inspiration Cards!

My Magical Inspiration Cards began as a whisper, a vague idea, something I knew I wanted to do, but wasn’t sure about any of the details. The whisper began in early 2014.

Sadly, last year my dad died very unexpectedly and then only 2 months later my hubby got very sick, and it took him many months to recover. This was probably one of the hardest times in my life, yet it was then when that whisper became a crystal clear knowing of exactly what to do.

I have always been a lover of anything magical. In fact, most people who know me,

would say that I love sparkles and magic...and if you knew me as a child, fairies were very important to me too! I am very happy to say that I have retained that childlike wonder, but during this tough time last year I became afraid I may lose it!

What happened next, I feel was a gift from God, the Divine. In order to not lose my belief in magic, I knew it was time to create my Magical Inspiration Cards.

The funny thing is, I quickly realized that in a way, the cards were already partially created! Since moving to “Narnia” (the affectionate nickname I call my home as it is such an enchanting place) I had taken dozens upon dozens of photos of flowers, mountain views and a variety of other things that had captured my heart! I scrolled through these photos and knew my cards were all there. So I then became immersed in choosing the images I wanted to use and then enhanced them a little to capture the magic!

The little poems that I put on each card were channeled, (as the words just sprung through me from what I believe was a Divine source) and completed each image with some uplifting guidance!

In just a few weeks, this whisper of an idea became a reality, and there I was with 24 (one of my favorite numbers) complete Magical Inspiration Cards in hand! They were such a gift, and they felt like an offering from my own soul to keep me inspired and comforted during those tough times. I used them daily, and no one knew about them except me and my hubby! They were my Secret Magical Inspiration Cards!

Fast forward to the end of 2016, which was about 5 or 6 months after I had first created them, and I felt an internal nudge that it was time for me to share them with others. At first, I was hesitant as they felt so personal, but my intuition told me they would bring comfort and guidance to people, just as they had for me! So I decided to start by gifting a deck to one of my close friends and she immediately started crying as she was so moved by them. She then strongly confirmed that I needed to share these with the world…...and so I did!

It hasn’t been too long since I first released them, but already I have received such incredible feedback from so many people! One fascinating pattern that has emerged, is people say they are amazed how they will choose the same card repeatedly, as if a certain message needs to be heard over and over again! That right there shows me these Magical Cards have a life of their own! I have gotten such a fantastic response so far that it fills my heart with joy to know the magic captured in my cards continues to inspire people!

I kept the words on the cards very simple, which allows room for your own

interpretation. Each image evokes a feeling that you can explore. Every card is also meant to uplift, inspire, and hold you in love. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and intention and these cards are filled with so much love and healing light!

I will write more about some of the experiences people have had with my Magical Inspiration Cards in an upcoming blog! If you have an experience with them or a testimonial that you would like to share, please send me your feedback to!

I use my Magical Inspiration Cards daily both personally and in my practice to brighten up and add some magical inspiration to the day!

If you are considering a deck for yourself or a loved one, know that I hold each deck and fill it with love and healing intentions before sending it out!

Also for the month of May I will be offering a little discount code in my monthly newsletter (sign up on the footer of this page if you haven’t already). In addition, with every order this month, I felt drawn to do something special. I recently bought a stone pendulum that I absolutely love and I have been using it for dowsing! I thought to myself “everyone needs one of these” so I went ahead and bought a selection of all different ones and decided to add one to every order I receive in my Wellness Shop this month!! They are all different colors, so I will intuit the one that feels best for you and will charge it with healing light and love! You can also wear it as a necklace! I will be sending these out with all orders while my supplies last!

The world needs more love and kindness, and I hope this small gesture will keep moving it forward!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog about my Magical Inspiration Cards, it felt wonderful to share!

I am sending lots of love and healing magic to you from Narnia!

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