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*One of a Kind *Handmade *Reiki Charged for the Highest Good *Clears Negative Frequencies *Protects Against Chemtrails & EMFs/Cell Phones/Wi-Fi/Electronics

This wand pendant measures: 3.25" tall, .5" wide, and a little under .5" thick. Comes with a black  cotton adjustable necklace. 

*Please note every orgone creation is hand made and therefore one of a kind. The images accurately portray the size, aesthetics and energy of the pyramid; however, you will receive a unique creation intended for you.


Winter Wand Orgonite Pendant 

The Creation Process:

Kat is so honored to co~create these one of a kind orgonite pieces with her beautiful soul sister! What sets these handmade orgonites apart is the intentionality, devotion and care that is put into every element of these pieces during the creation process!


The conception begins with Kat, when she intuitively gets called to create a new piece. Kat uses her Magical Inspiration & Winter Magic cards as her inspiration!


Kat will meditate with the card that she is drawn to and will feel the energy, colors, and overall intention that needs to be infused into the orgonite. She may also create a custom flower/ tree essence tincture, or supply sacred ingredients from Narnia (where she lives) to infuse the handmade orgonite with.


Kat will then discuss her ideas and will share her infusions with her soul sister who then will pour these orgonite pieces in a very sacred space.  It is very important not only who creates the orgonite but how they are created! A healing, sacred space adds to the vibration of the final piece! Every orgone healing generator  is created with pure, loving intent.


After the pieces are cured, they are sanded and polished by hand to illuminate their radiance, creating a pure reflection for you to see your inner beauty and truth.  

Each piece is created to alchemize imbalanced energies resulting from environmental and emotional pollutants, and intended for the Highest Good of all who work with this healing art form.


Orgonite is based on the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and the work of Don and Carol Croft. Every orgone creation is made with polyester resin, metals of varying kind and density, and quartz crystals. The layering of these elements creates a matrix which effectively cleanses our energetic environment, and is the science and activating force in this healing art form. Polyester resin is used  because part of its molecular structure which includes a chain of carbon atoms - making it an "organic" compound, which attracts EMFs. Also, polyester resin has a high rate of shrinkability when curing, which creates extra force on the surface of the quartz. This pressure magnifies the already present electrical charge on the surface of the quartz, amplifying the holistic healing properties of this abundant mineral.


At the completion of creation, Kat then infuses each piece with healing blessings and love for the recipient! She takes great care to lovingly pack each order with many little added details!


The intention of these handmade pieces is to light up the world with, love, healing blessings and a vibration of unity and peace.

Midnight Blizzard

A Winter Wand Crystal Pendant 

This handmade orgonite pendant has been inspired by my new card deck ‘Winter Magic’, and specifically by the card ‘Midnight Blizzard’ which captures a snowy blizzard in the

middle of the night!


This card says the following:

“Swirling and sparkling wind and snow in the depths of night...

Midnight blue skies and snow so white.

Dark and light combine creating the perfect hues of blue...

Loving the old and embracing the new.


This card is a very deep card, for some it may feel like the dark night of the soul, for others it may be an indication that everything in your life is being shaken up like a snow-globe with lots of change. However this applies to you, the message is finding that perfect balance of loving the old and embracing the new with an open heart. The morning will come and you will awaken to a fresh new blanket of snow, a winter wonderland. This card and orgonite creation is a message of faith, transformation and hope through the inevitable changes and new beginnings in life. It is about trusting and having faith in your transformation in the times that test you and embracing the newness that comes with growth.

My new card deck has been inspired by the magic of Winter, where everything sparkles and shines and creates a blanket of purity everywhere you turn. This pyramid captures not only the sparkles and lightness of Winter, but also the depth Winter creates. As the days grow shorter and colder it encourages us to go within and listen.

Energy Protection

This orgone crystal wand helps to align your energetic body with healing orgone energy. The layers of metal and resin with carefully selected crystals aid in a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances resulting from our current environment. 

Orgone is another word for the subtle, yet powerful energy of creation. Modern environmental and emotional pollution can wreak havoc on our body, mind and Spirit, and this orgone pendant seeks to even the energetic scales.


Wear your orgone pendant daily to tune in to the Unified Field and fall in to the warm embrace of Love.  This Orgone Pendant is a powerful healing tool and one of a kind that has been hand sanded, shaped and polished to enhance the unique cleansing ability of this wand.

Custom Midnight Blizzard Orgone From Narnia 

Faith ~ Transformation ~Embracing Newness

Crystal & Metal Properties:

Amethyst: a stone of protection. Connect you to to your Higher Self, Spirit-Guides and the Angelic Realms. Open the gateway to our intuition and psychic abilities. Provides psychic, mental, and physical alignment. It assists in meditation and helps us to visualize more easily. Helps those working to release attachments to addictions.


White Calcite: Energy amplifier and cleanser. The purifying energy of Calcite cleans out stored negative energy from a room, the body, etc. harmonizes the body's ability to assimilate calcium.


Blue Kyanite: excellent stone for meditation and attunement. It aligns all Chakras with balance between yin and yang energies. It neither accumulates nor retains imbalanced energies, and therefore never needs cleansing. It has a calming effect on the whole being.


Lapis Lazuli: high electrical conductivity channels the pureness of being, sensitizing you to higher vibrations. By transmuting mental and emotional blockages, Lapis sets your soul free to express itself fully - Judy Hall


Howlite: has a gentling effect on the emotions. Encourages reasoned and calm communication. May help ease insomnia. Encourages a positive outlook on life and supports the mind opening to wisdom and new knowledge. It can improve memory, facilitate learning, and help access and balance unprocessed emotions. Howlite is associated with the third eye chakra. In esoteric circles the gem is believed to facilitate insight and meditation as well as the out of body travel. It helps access deep seated memories including these of the past lives.


Blue Lace Agate: has a soft, soothing elegance. Its graceful, circular design has a stimulating, positive effect on emotions and attitude. Blue Lace Agate's calm, centering properties which encourages discernment about the thoughts you share and the beauty of inner silence. It  is a stone of communication, helping those who have difficulty being heard by others, or who need confidence and articulation to share their truths. It provides clarity of thought and unwavering intent in regards to what matters most.


Brass: It's element is Fire and Brass attracts healing, wealth, and protection. Composed of copper and zinc.

Custom Flower Essences & Pure Snow Drops

from Narnia:

This "Midnight Blizzard Winter Magic Pendant also contains fresh snow/snowflakes from Narnia that were ceremonially added to a "Midnight Blizzard custom Flower Essence blend created intuitively by Kat! The remedy is filled with healing intentions and prayers! 

This magical blend contains flowers specifically for:

  • Deep Comfort (Soul Comfort) 

  • Balance & Calm

  • True Joy

  • A Sense of Adventure

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