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Manifest Abundance Pyramid 

*One of a Kind *Handmade *Reiki Charged for the Highest Good *Clears Negative Frequencies *Protects Against Chemtrails & EMFs/Cell Phones/Wi-Fi/Electronics

Click here to read about how Kat was introduced to orgonite pyramids and why she believes in them!

This pyramid measures: 2.25" square at the base by 2" tall.

*This is a perfect size to conveniently carry in your pocket, keep on your desk at work, travel with, keep near your WiFi router and/or cell phone or to use for all of the above!  

*Please note every orgone creation is hand made and therefore one of a kind. The images accurately portray the size, aesthetics and energy of the pyramid; however, you will receive a unique creation intended for you.


Orgone Crystal Pyramid ~to Manifest Abundance 

This orgone pyramid is created with the intention to manifest abundance in all areas of your life! An amethyst point channels healing energy out the tip of the pyramid infusing your space with balanced, clean orgone. This Orgone balancing energy generator crystal pyramid is powerful enough to neutralize imbalanced EMFs, allowing space for your innate manifestation abilities to activate.
Garnet and carnelian surround the amethyst point to release stagnant energy, boost Self-confidence, and stimulate the creative flow of energy through the body. Together, these healing crystals within the orgonit matrix support your ability to ACT upon your intentions. Vibrant flowers from my altar dedicated to Lakshmi rest over brass. In the middle is a crystal grid of mookaite jasper, tigers eye, green aventurine and citrine! Aventurine and citrine is used to attract abundance and good fortune on your path. Mookaite jasper helps us connect with the electromagnetic energy currents of the Earth, strengthening the will and supporting the focus of personal power. Tigers eye offers protection and fortifies the Solar Plexus. The base of the Manifest Abundance orgone pyramid is pure bronze.
Activate your energy centers, ground into Gaia, and manifest the world of your dreams.
During creation of all orgone pyramids, the artist sets an intention for energy to move upwards through the orgonite energy matrix. Imbalanced OR (orgone energy) is accumulated through the base then aligned, directed and charged as it travels through the orgone pyramid. She separates the layers to allow for more effective cleansing of you and your environment, as the energy has to "work harder" before it can leave the pyramid.


The Creation Process:

The artist and creator crafts every orgone healing generator with pure, loving intent, in her garden Sanctuary. After the pieces are cured, she sands and polishes each piece by hand to illuminate their radiance, creating a pure reflection for you to see your inner beauty and truth. Her vision is akin the 'Butterfly Effect', whereby our transformation ripples through space/time creating change on a planetary level for the Highest Good of ALL. As we align once more to the energy of Creation, access to the infinite power of the Universe becomes the reality we experience within this beautiful dream.
 Each piece is created to alchemize imbalanced energies resulting from environmental and emotional pollutants, and intended for the Highest Good of all who work with this healing art form.

Based on the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and the work of Don and Carol Croft, every orgone creation is made with polyester resin, metals of varying kind and density, and quartz crystals. The layering of these elements creates a matrix which effectively cleanses our energetic environment, and is the science and activating force in this healing art form. The artist uses polyester resin because part of its molecular structure includes a chain of carbon atoms - making it an "organic" compound, which attracts EMFs. Also, polyester resin has a high rate of shrinkability when curing, which creates extra force on the surface of the quartz. This pressure magnifies the already present electrical charge on the surface of the quartz, amplifying the holistic healing properties of this abundant mineral.
As the artist's work progresses, her heart, mind, and Spirit opens more and more to the energies of crystals. Their powerful healing messages align for conscious access to the heart center.  The artist Reiki Charges and attunes each orgone balancing energy generator at the completion of pouring.
∞The artist's dream is that we may change the way we operate on an individual level and effect the vibration of the whole. 
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