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Flower Essences 


Kat’s Flower Essences Offerings

Custom Flower Essence Tinctures

Kat personally crafts each custom tincture in a sacred setting, intuitively selecting from over a hundred remedies, including the renowned Rescue Remedy. This deep intuitive process ensures that each tincture is uniquely aligned with your specific needs, enhancing its effectiveness.

Pre-Made Flower Remedies from the Online Dispensary

For those who prefer ready-made options, Kat’s online flower essence dispensary offers a variety of pre-made remedies. Each bottle is prepared with the same level of care and spiritual intention as the custom tinctures. Kat infuses every remedy with heartfelt prayers and loving energy, ensuring that even pre-made selections are personalized healing experiences.

Preservation Options

Custom and pre-made flower essence tinctures are available with:

  • Organic Grape Brandy: Traditional preservation with a touch of brandy.

  • Organic Coconut Glycerin: A non-alcoholic alternative suitable for children, pets, and those avoiding alcohol.

For those with specific dietary preferences, Kat also offers lactose-free sugar pellets, ensuring everyone can access the benefits of flower essences.

Usage and Benefits

How to Use Flower Essences

The typical recommendation is 4-7 drops, four times a day, but Kat encourages intuitive usage—there's no risk of overuse. These essences can be taken directly, added to beverages, incorporated into skincare routines, or used in baths.

Observing Changes

Keeping a record of your emotional and physical responses while using the essences can be insightful. Noting subtle changes helps in recognizing the beneficial effects of the remedies on your overall wellbeing.

Safety and Considerations

Are There Any Side Effects?

Flower essences are gentle, non-invasive, and known for their safety, making them suitable for all ages and conditions without any side effects.

Discover the Difference

Why Choose Kat's Flower Essences?

Whether you opt for a custom-made tincture tailored to your needs or select from the handcrafted remedies in the online dispensary, you're receiving more than just a product. Each essence is infused with love, prayer, and spiritual intention, crafted to bring balance, healing, and harmony into your life.

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